The Circular Firing Squad Now Assembles

Monday, October 24, 2005
The NYT is now in full e-mail wars mode.


David Thomson said...

There is no sense in overcomplicating the obvious. Judy Miller’s problems with the New York Times management are simply due to the perception that she might have inadvertently aided the Bush administration. Her discussions with Scooter Libby supposedly were useful in getting the White House’s side of the story out concerning the Joe Wilson controversy. This is a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Time’s elite. The paper unofficially partners with the leftist establishment. Nothing should be done that might even indirectly help the hated Republicans. The Time’s bosses, of course, lie to themselves. They are allegedly committed to dispassionate and even handed journalism.

Syl said...

I admire Judith. I really do. And the left is stupid for dissing her. And the right should consider her loyal opposition.

May she win all her battles.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Dear Judy,

Here's a lesson for you. Never deviate from the path of the Righteous True Believers of the Left. Should you do so they will show you no mercy. Even one single deviant thought suffices to classify you as a witch, i.e., right-winger.

Good Luck, MHA

terrye said...

Will this never end?

The woman is a liability to them now so they throw her out like a pair of old tennis shoes.