Sore Loser of the Day

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Gerhard Schroeder


Knucklehead said...

Yet another fascinating example of the unsophisticated Euro sophisticates.

For one thing if Europe in general and Germany in particular are shining examples of how the welfare state can and should prevent death and/or suffering due to weather events, how then does Schroeder explain the fact that somewhere between 20 and 40 times as many Europeans died as the result of a heat wave in Europe than did as the result of a hurricane in the US? Surely the states of Europe were as responsible for providing air-conditioning for, or at least checking upon the health and preventing deaths and alleviating suffering of, their citizenry as the US was responsible for minimizing the death and suffering of our citizens during a mammoth hurricane.

But regardless of the welfare state angle, former Chancellor Schroeder demonstrates his lack of understanding of the republican orgainization of the United States of America. He picked the wrong state to accuse of failing to look after the welfare of its people. An curious failure of understanding from a man who has been a central figure in the attempt to create a Untied States of Europe.

And, of course, last but not least among the evidence for the case that the sophisticated Euros are quite unsophisticated is their ability to blame their own failures on some externality.

Shroeder was, and is, a no-op. Germany has no right to bash the US political system while theirs picks dopes like Schroeder to run things.

Eric Blair said...

jeebus, what a chump Schroeder is.

Rick Ballard said...

It's good that he maintained the class we've all come to expect as he departed. Let us hope that enjoys the additional time with his families.

ambisinistral said...

Waaaaa... you beat me to what was going to be my first posted thread.

I was going to point out that neither Al Gore nor Mark Latham exactly displayed a shred dignity when they lost their elections.