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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


chuck said...

Reading Ralph Peters column a wonder if we shouldn't come down on the side of the rioters? Are we not in the business of bringing liberty to oppressed Muslims? Don't we need to compete with the Islamists for hearts and minds? Is France not a digusting cesspool of bigotry and anti-American sentiment? Should we not continue to wrong foot the left and leave them supporting yet another tyranny? We need to pick sides. Vive les beures.

Knucklehead said...


Fascinating! Nice catch.

The Foreign Ministry has criticised some foreign reports as excessive and at least one cabinet member, Labour Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, has hinted the critical reporting was meant to hit back at France for opposing the U.S.-led Iraq war.

Of course, this is all about France's principled opposition to the Iraq war! Then again, my dear Jean-Louis, perhaps the current press coverage is about the riots, and France. The stuff that has some small amount to do with France's opposition to the Iraq war is contained in the as yet pretty slim coverage of Oil-for-Food, systemic UN corruption and France's use of and love for the UN, and the unraveling Wilson-Niger-French Forgery coverage.

French media have run hard-hitting reports on the riots, just as they have been very critical of social or racial problems abroad. But seeing equally tough reporting about their own country seems to have caught the French off guard.

Caught off guard, heh. Don't know anybody who doesn't believe France is the vanguard of progressive political action. Sorta like not knowing anyone who didn't vote for Kerry, isn't it?

Eric Raoult, mayor of the eastern Paris suburb of Raincy, did not like being at the receiving end of outside attention.

Well boo-freakin-hoo, Mr. Mayor. Life's tough in the big suburbs. It's tougher when people notice you. It's even tougher when you're stupid.

"Last night, Japanese television and Turkish television were in my city hall telling me what should be done. That hurts me," he said.

Oh, the pain of it all. The world has just begun to pull and twist the shiv, Eric. Grab hold of something well anchored 'cause the ride is likely to get bumpier and the pain greater.

chuck said...

I liked this part, "Paris is burning, civil war, war zone, race riots -- the headlines, especially on TV, often have no nuance."

Ah, no nuance. Terrible, terrible.

terrye said...

The French should have seen this coming no doubt. And they are proud, but pride is part of their problem.