Random thoughts: The War on Terror

Friday, November 25, 2005
It is a bit stupifying to me not be able to check the blogosphere on at least a daily basis--The news I have missed having to give my time to the taxpayers of Grant County is genuinely remarkable; even more distressing is that NONE of this news appears in my local fishwrap; but, we already know how lame the MSM is.

On a recent thread on Roger L Simon's page there was interesting exchange between our Syl and a poster by the name of Shuchu John. This exchange really encapsulated to me the nature of the debate about our actions in Iraq--On the one hand, Syl suggested that changing a society to improve the lot of a new generation of children was (in my words) a worthy undertaking; her debating opponent seemed to me to be more interested in the logical structure of his argument as if, somehow, the fate of a future generation was irrelevant. This exchange pointed out to me the moral bankruptcy of many (not all) of the opponents to what I have come to think about as our "Crusade in the Middle East." (If Eisenhower could write about a crusade in Europe, then I think it appropriate to lay the whole notion of a "Crusade" on the table with all of the historical baggage it brings up.)

A second posting on Roger's site caught my eye about Jordan's incipient crusade against jihadists. This piece of news impressed me as yet another milestone in the GWOT. The same person who was debating with Syl suggested that any WWII analogy and our current Iraq campaign was flawed. After some reflection, I really do disagree and suggest there is precisely such anology: The war in the Pacific Theater of Operations, characterized by the Island Hopping campaign. With Jordan now involved in the war on terror, we have even more access to their intelligence and their active support against jihadists; the "islands" available to al queda are shrinking and their bases of operation are being eliminated one by one. Jordan's reaction to the horrors of al-queda are yet another tactical victory in our Crusade in the Middle East. I believe there will be more in the future.


terrye said...

Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan can be compared to the island hopping of WW2. It is like putting one foot in front of the other.

Educating women will do more than any single thing to add to the progress of the Middle East. Women spend more time with small children and of course if they are educated they tend to pass it along.

The children are not responsible for this madness and they deserve a chance to live a better and different life. To the jihadis they only exist to do their duty as Islamic warriors. We need to make sure the children hear another message about their place in the world.

AlQaida and Hamas and Hezbellah should not be their only role models.

That is not good for them or us.

Syl said...

I like the island-hopping comparison too!

Amen, Terrye.

People like that character at Roger's are know-it-alls with no knowledge.

Peter UK said...

John boy's method is to assert something without proving it,then he proceeds to construct his argument from that.He covers this with long windedness.I gave up on his mealy mouthed platitudinous bletherings.
Looks good but you can't polish a turd.
Mork is simply a downward facing orifice who trolled his way round the web getting barred.
To quote Tim Blair's amenuensis."Mork's a real tool".

Julian Biggs said...

syl: "I don't know where you're getting your lack of information from."

now that's a keeper.