Thursday, November 17, 2005
Dont you just hate it when work interferes with blogging? (Apologies to Andy Rooney.) Avian flu news out of China isnt very encouraging and most distressing is the possibility that swine may be involved--

Speaking of swine, however, my attention has been drawn to the revelations about Bob Woodward. NZ Bear seems to have pulled the information together in one location. While I confess to once thinking that Fitzgerald had done a good job with the investigation, it now appears the only thing he did right was to prevent internal leaks. And more interestingly, Rove and Libby seem to be off the hook--Gee--ya think it might be CIA types that leaked this to Woodward? nahhh, couldn't be--they have the best interests of our nation in their hearts.


Knucklehead said...


I was just reading Joseph Wilson EPIC Lecture 6/14/2003 Outline/Transcript at Free Republic (by way of Macsmind).

Former Ambassador Wilson, Dimwit Extraordiaire, deserves a bit of Special Investigating.

Notice the date of hiw EPIC lecture and the date of his NYT op-ed (7/6/2003). Both preceded the Novak piece which, allegedly, began the outing of Dear Valerie (I still can't figure out how much scorn is due her).

Mr. Wilson's words in his lecture of 6/16/03?

I just want to assure you that that American ambassador who has been cited in reports in the New York Times and in the Washington Post, and now in the Guardian over in London, who actually went over to Niger on behalf of the government--not of the CIA but of the government--and came back in February of 2002 and told the government that there was nothing to this story, later called the government after the British white paper was published and said you all need to do some fact-checking and make sure the Brits aren't using bad information in the publication of the white paper, and who called both the CIA and the State Department after the President's State of the Union and said to them you need to worry about the political manipulation of intelligence if, in fact, the President is talking about Niger when he mentions Africa. That person was told by the State Department that, well, you know, there's four countries that export uranium. That person had served in three of those countries, so he knew a little bit about what he was talking about when he said you really need to worry about this. But I can assure you that that retired American ambassador to Africa, as Nick Kristof called him in his article, is also pissed off, and has every intention of ensuring that this story has legs.

and later, in Q&A...

8:05: In response to the question about risks to whistleblowers, Wilson refers to self as "the retired American ambassador to Africa who has been talking to the New York Times and the Washington Post".

Outed himself. But what about Dear Wifey? How did she get outted and who did the outting?

Mascmind, here, quotes the Vanity Fair article, Double Exposure:

"In early May (2002), Wilson and Plame attended a conference sponsored by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, at which Wilson spoke about Iraq; one of the other panelists was the New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof. Over breakfast the next morning with Kristof and his wife, Wilson told about his trip to Niger and said Kristof could write about it, but not name him."

and then wonders,

...if "covert/super-secret agent" Plame was introduced as 'Ms. Wilson' or 'Ms. Plame' or did she just sit back with a scarf and sun glasses. Not only did Kristof meet Plame, but so did his wife. Yet more intriguing is who is Kristof's wife at the breakfast table? Kristof's wife is Sheryl WuDunn, his longime writing partner.

None of this proves, of course, that Wilson and/or Plame outted Plame. It would not be the least bit far-fetched, however, given Wilson's loose tongue and desire for the admiration of his his fellow Leftists, that Plame's identity, profession, and employer were made known, or at least strongly hinted at, to a pair of professionally curious journos (Nick and Sheryl).

Did Wilson, perhaps, have any other reasons to be interested in discreditting the African (and specifically Niger) yellowcake intelligence?

Well, Macsmind (here and here) and a The Strata-Sphere seem to be intent on making the case that Wilson had some significant, ummm..., commercial interests in brokering deals for certain, ummm..., natural resources available in certain African countries.

While I don't find any connections in between OFF and COGEMA, or JC Wilson International, in anything Macsmind has presented he and Strata seem to be suggesting such connections exist.

What the heck, as long as we've got Special Prosecutors sticking their noses hither and yon, why not this yon and that hither?

Wilson stinks. Eventually the source of the foul odor he exudes will be discovered. I won't be the least bit surprised if it turns out to be expensive, but corrupted, French cologne liberally applied.

terrye said...

I just don't know how Wilson gets away with telling the same damn lie over and over again.

He did not go back and blow the whistle on anything. In fact he said later that he thought Saddam had weapons stockpiles and probably a nuclear program as well.

It is just outrageous that people ignore this.

As for Woodward, I think this latest incident makes it plain that these folks talk to and about each other all the damn time.

Some people are saying Fitz will have to pull the indictment because of Justice Dept guidlines.

Knucklehead said...


I just don't know how Wilson gets away with telling the same damn lie over and over again.

He gets away with it because the Dem's PR organ, the MSM, keeps presenting the same damn lies as facts, over and over again.

Knucklehead said...

This is OT, except that it is yet another of the Lies that keep on giving.

In addition to the "Bush Lied about WMD in Iraq" a favored meme of the Seditionists is that the Bush administration made claims that Saddam was tied in with 9/11. They've never done so. When that specific claim is refuted the Seditionists typically fall back to the "they made claims that Iraq and a-Q/OBL had ties" and that is untrue.

Instapundit brings us this Aug. 13, 1999 AP report as carried by CNN, Bin Laden reportedly leaves Afghanistan, whereabouts unknown wherein the AP informs us:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has offered asylum to bin Laden, who openly supports Iraq against the Western powers.

Instapundit also links to Byron York's use of Richard Clarke's phrase "Boogie to Baghdad" in Remember — please remember — 'Boogie to Baghdad'. Clarke's use of the phrase was:

Clarke believed that if the United States made bin Laden’s situation too hot in Afghanistan, then, in Clarke’s non-famous words, "old wily Osama will likely boogie to Baghdad."

This was in the context of testimony about intelligence of several meetings and negotiations between a-Q and Iraq. Read the whole thing.

The MSM repeats the lies of the Seditionists regardless of what they themselves have reported in the past. They are nothing short of disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I think his ex-wife worked for Cogema, represented President Bongo of Gabon, and AlMoudi who gave him office space to start his business had a company implicated in OFF (and owned all or part of a bank that financed AQ and a company in Afghanistan that cooperated with the Taliban, but I've not seen anything direct myself. C

Peter UK said...

Whilst there may be no perceptible fiscal links between Wilson and Cogema,the reason Wilson was sent to Niger was that he had contacts with the French company that runs the Yellowcake industry in Niger,Cogema.
Why would an Ambassador who served in Gabon have such a close relationship with a company,which if it were in breach of UN rules,it would tell him the truth about its dealings.
There is absolutely no doubt that,a sensitive area like Uranium production would be closely monitered by the French government.
Since the French,opposed the war, lied,double crossed Colin Powell and had extensive involvement with Oil For Food,why would they let Cogema tell Wilson the truth?After all the development of nuclear weapons was one of the cassus belli of the Iraq War.
The whole thing stinks.My view is the french set up Wilson to undermine the the resolution of the coalition.Fortunately Wilson was a willing tool of the Democrats and thus had the MSM on side.

Rick Ballard said...


You've got the facts correct but Wilson may have been a tool of opportunity used by the French. I don't doubt that they have "right thinking" lefties burrowed in at the CIA and at State but Wilson seems more like a cheap scam artist than a double agent.

I wish you would post on that COGEMA Wilson link - I'll be happy to do some research for you. I can find both Niamey and both uranium mines on a map. The mines are actually a lot closer to Algeria - and maybe Libya by a few klicks - than to Niamey.

markg8 said...


"The White House now must brace itself for the possibility that Mr. Fitzgerald's probe, far from winding down, may have just gotten a second wind. Prosecutors deposed Mr. Woodward in anticipation of presenting that evidence to a new grand jury, according to a person familiar with the situation. The one that indicted Mr. Libby expired on Oct. 28. That could require that Mr. Card and the unnamed official be called to testify about their conversations with Mr. Woodward. A White House spokeswoman declined to comment."

Another grand jury. Uh oh.