The Odds Have Dramatically Increased in Favor of Republican Mike DeWine in Ohio

Friday, January 20, 2006
Moderate Republican Mike DeWine may easily win reelection. Paul Hackett has just committed political suicide. Many thought him to be DeWine’s biggest obstacle in keeping his seat. According to the Associated Press, the favorite of the Daily Kos crowd and Iraq war veteran, Hackett “said the practice of denying homosexuals equal rights is un-American. The newspaper (The Columbus Dispatch) asked Hackett if that meant the 62 percent of Ohioans who voted to ban gay marriage were un-American.

“If what they believe is that we’re going to have a scale on judging which Americans have equal rights, yeah, that’s un-American.”

Was Hackett perhaps taken out of context? Apparently not. The following link is provided by his own website. Hackett seems quite proud and unapologetic:

Senate Candidate Unapologetic

A few days earlier, Hackett wrote a column in the same newspaper charging the Republicans as having been “hijacked by the religious fanatics that, in my opinion, aren’t a whole lot different than Osama bin Laden and a lot of the other religious nuts around the world.”

Ohio is most certainly not a solidly blue state. President Bush captured its electoral votes in the last election and both U.S. senators are Republican. Some recent financial scandals, however, have allowed the Democrats a superb chance at a come back. What was Paul Hackett thinking? Why is this Democratic hopeful acting as if he were a candidate running in Berkeley, California?


Morgan said...

Why is this Democratic hopeful acting as if he were a candidate running in Berkeley, California?

Maybe he's not really a politician?

Eric Blair said...

I think that is the case. The guy strikes me as a hot-head, but he's like, the only person the Democrats could come up with.

Rick Ballard said...

Hackett is a Koslandian hero for losing a race that was tighter than it should have been. If you follow the money, you find that with $19K on hand he is slightly behind Dewine who has $3.7mil on hand.

Sherrod Brown wants the Dem slot on the ticket, which means that Hackett has to be moved from porch to attic rather soon - or it means that Ohio will have a nice bloody primary.

Hackett is just trolling for Koslandian suckers. He should do quite well with this appeal. He has taken the measure of the average Koslandian and understands that strong words are like a shiny bright lure cast in front of a slow thinking carp.

In the end, he will still be primarily noted for his close loss to a mediocre candidate in an '05 by-election. Morgan's right, he's no politician.

David Thomson said...

“Hackett has to be moved from porch to attic rather soon”

Paul Hackett does not strike me as someone willing to be pushed out of the way. On the contrary, I suspect he cares little if his words and actions destroy the Democratic Party in Ohio. Hackett seems to be a true believer on a mission.

David Thomson said...

I wonder if the title of my post was overly optimistic. Paul Hackett has almost certainly committed political suicide. Still, have Mike DeWine’s chances “dramatically increased?” Am I perhaps underestimating Sherrod Brown?

Buddy Larsen said...

o/t--sorry--but there's a pic, i think of Seneca, over at Alexandra's:

Buddy Larsen said...

Don't miss Ted Kennedy, reading the WaPo endorse Alito:

terrye said...

His greatest hope is that the Republicans in Ohio continue to self destruct. I think Taft's approval rating right now is 18%, even below that of Blanco.

I just think Hackett has a big mouth and does not care how some of this stuff sounds.

Peter UK said...

Nah Buddy! Ted is checking his car insurance.

Buddy Larsen said...

o/t one last time--the Star-Wars silhouette of the new F-22 Raptor, training over the Virginia coast, (ht Officer's Club).

Knucklehead said...

Thanks for the link, Rick. Hackett is desperate for a cash infusion. That needs to come from either Dem leadership out of party coffers or from the only people who send the Dems money anymore - the people who demand that Dems say stupid stuff. Is it possible that Soros is a Rovian plant?