Waterloo for the Senate Democrats

Thursday, January 12, 2006
From everything I have read on both the near left (David Corn) and the near right (Sox Blog) two rules have emerged: (1) never attack a dweeb (the Dana Milbank perspective of Samuel Alito) and (2) never make a wife cry---Dems managed to once again pull defeat from the jaws of victory--although I think they were not in a good position to sink Alito. They have looked insensitive, wrong, like gasbags, and yes stupid: Teddy's research into CAP--I doubt seriously if the Democrats are capable of making it to the bathroom to relieve themselves without assistance.

Is this GREAT or what?


terrye said...

Their behavior brings new meaning to the phrase "hoisted on their own petard".

Knucklehead said...

Is it possible that they cannot see and hear how ridiculous they look and sound?

Peter UK said...

The odious antics of "Animal House" are offending even Real Liberala

Doug said...

Biden V Alito

Biden: “Fine. My question, if you’ll indulge em, is this: If you could—that is to say, were the medical technology available, and the Constitution silent on the matter —would you be averse to ruling in favor of a state statute—say, from Mississippi or some other redneck backwater—that allows for an interested local government to take control of a woman’s uterus?”

Alito: “—I’m not sure I understand the question, Senator --”

Biden: “Take control of it. Take ownership. Have it physically removed from her body so that you can monitor it for appropriate, Godly reproductive us.”

Alito: “You mean...what? Put it in a jar or some such?”

Biden: “Consitutionally speaking, yes. Or carry it around with you, like little tiny uterus purse, one that is roughly equivalent in size and function to the pouches used by marsupials? Only, you know, appropriately decorative—with like sequins and buckes and the like?”

Alito: “Why on earth would I want to do that --?”

Biden: “Don’t dodge the question, Judge. Will you or will you not allow hillbillies to take control of a woman’s uterus by removing it from her body and using it as a kind of mini-accesorized rucksack? A simple yes or no will do, sir!”

Doug said...

"Hoisted by their own Putzheads"

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Haven't kept up today, but as of yesterday, the MSM Newsreaders and writers were still presenting it in all seriousness.
...even more ridiculous.
And they're not even senile.
Just Stuck on Stupid.

vnjagvet said...

The group of Third Circuit Judges is truly impressive. Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, Old, African American, Italian, etc., etc.

All with the same message. Alito is fair, smart and extraordinarily able.

If the democrats filibuster, they are toast.

This is over.

RogerA said...

Agree with Jim Rhoads==it was a masterstroke having the panel of judges testify on behalf of Alito--there is NO way the democrats can ever hope to challenge them--

While I never thought I would agree with a democrat--Senator Feingold's concern about ethical conflict DOES seem to me to a serious concern--Were I Alito, I would turn this over to an ABA panel and let them make recommenations

The downside is that when confirmation hearings come down to the level they have, I suspect there is some lattitude for letting the republicans use judges--but damn--I am not sure its a really good idea.


Rick Ballard said...


The outcome is certain but the last bloviation is yet to be made.

Politically this has worked out just fine for the Democrats. Burbin, Biden, Kennedy, Leahey and Schumer have made asses of themselves in appeasement to the lefty donors, Feingold too, but with a bit of refinement. Feinstein and Kohl have kept their heads down (Kohl may vote in the affirmative - Feinstein, too). The moderates facing re-election in the fall need a cover for their vote in favor of the nomination.

Actually, I think he's going to get 62-64 Yeas - not too bad considering all the huffing and puffing.

Buddy Larsen said...

Just generally speaking, RogerA, getting stuck on stupid has to create a distortion somewhere--politics being strictly pushme/pullyou. So, yes, Dems going helpless is bad for repubs--no one to keep 'em smart and honest.

The 'swing vote' in our national elections is around 30%. Huge. Better keep our noses clean, even if we have to walk some folks off the plank.

Buddy Larsen said...

OTH, a general anti-congress dynamic could boost the party in the white house.

Buddy Larsen said...

Isn't this just a lovely group of people?

Buddy Larsen said...


Peter UK said...

Who does the rhetoric remind you of Buddy? we have a name for these people over here,"Gobshites" if you will excuse the term,"Gob" being old English for mouth.

Knucklehead said...


They are a nasty, boorish, brutish bunch, ain't they.

Peter UK said...

Yes it amazing what a liberal education will do.

Knucklehead said...


You see evidence of some education among them? You're a far sharper observer than I.

Buddy Larsen said...

I just cannot imagine writing that sort of commentary. I mean, I see red sometimes (Kennedy gets me boiling), but the level and tone of the stuff those people say, is really revolting.

Rick Ballard said...


Kennedy obviously has a good understanding of his audience.

Specter said...

Wendy Long over at NRO Bench Memos hits the nail on the head, not only about Ted "My Club Got Booted Off-Campus For Violating Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws" Kennedy, but also key quotes from the panel of judges.

But more than that, I think the fact that Schumer and Kennedy couldn't even make the hearings to hear the judges testimonies is quite indicative of their mind set.

Buddy - I was shocked when I read about the Kos Kiddies Komments (note the reference to Byrd). I kept thinking about Markg8 and why he would choose to associate with such people.

terrye said...

Mort Kondracke said he thought Alito might get 70.

We shall see.

Peter UK said...

"I kept thinking about Markg8 and why he would choose to associate with such people."


Buddy Larsen said...

...Schumer and Kennedy couldn't even make the...judges testimonies

Did you catch Schumer's summation? It was textually written as tho based on the just completed round of Schumer's questions, that is, as if extemporaneous, but, he read it off a sheet of paper he had in front of him the whole testimony!

IOW, whatever Alito had just said, didn't matter IN THE LEAST, Schumer's response was pre-written!

This is either stupid beyond belief, or--more likely--a calculated inside insult.

I caught it live, but didn't believe my eyes, until i heard the newspeople's discussion later, and someone else had caught it.