The Administration and the White House Press Corps

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Jay Rosen has what I think is a very good analysis of the Administration's approach to dealing with White House press corps. Please note that Professor Rosen is not implying the White House press corps is the same as the "press" or media--but I think his analysis is on target (Which, of course, means I completely agree with it). And I noted on Drudge today that the MSM is going to trot out all Cheney all the time next week--Geez, dead horses get NO rest.


David Thomson said...

In our instant media world, it really makes little difference if the story was released to a local reporter. This individual immediately releases the story to the entire universe. We are talking about a delay of a few minutes---at the very most.

I am trying to be as fair as possible, but I’m sure that this uproar would not be occurring if Al Gore were our current vice president. The legacy media lie to themselves when denying their Republican hating mindset. But why should we also swallow their bovine excrement?

Rick Ballard said...


You have to wade all the way through Rosen's thumbsucker - for laughs if nothing else. Remember, he's teaching the scribblers how very, very important their craft used to be (and possibly still is - in his mind).

The Vice-President is treating the WH press corps as if it were the propaganda arm of the opposing party and Rosen is stomping his foot and acting as if it is a wrong decision or somehow "dangerous". In fact, it's a natural extension of Reagan's "going over the media's heads". Reagan recognized that the Dem party organs still had some power, Bush recognizes that what power they had is gone. He (and Cheney) also recognize that treating them like dirt is popular with the base as well as being well deserved.

I'm just amazed that the 90% of reporters not on the political/world affairs beat don't pick up clubs and give the hotshots a decent beating for ruining the craft.

David Thomson said...

There are another eight months before the November elections. A lot of things can happen between now and then. However, unless we endure a national tragedy---this is the issue which may define the race for the vast majority of voters. Red state Democrats are awakening to the fact that “big city” liberals actually despise them!

RogerA said...

Rosen, of course, believes the Administration is evil--but I do believe the Bush administration is genuinely sticking it to the White House Press Corps, and the MSM--the ones "living in the bubble" are the MSM--they approval ratings are lower than the Veep's! So Cheney goes on Fox to interview, releases the story to the local paper, and blows off the media--I love it!

Peter UK said...

Mark Steyn has an amusing take on this.

brylun said...

You can find the Mark Steyn link here. I love Steyn's view of the Ted Kennedy analogy that leftie David Ignatius raised:

"Hmm. Let's see. On the one hand, the guy leaves the gal at the bottom of the river struggling for breath pressed up against the window in some small air pocket while he pulls himself out of the briny, staggers home, sleeps it off and saunters in to inform the cops the following day that, oh yeah, there was some broad down there. And, on the other hand, the guy calls 911, has the other fellow taken to the hospital, lets the sheriff know promptly but neglects to fax David Gregory's make-up girl!"

Rick Ballard said...


George Bush set the administration "tone" regarding the MSM by offering up a new definition for the chief political reporter of the NYT. "Big time" Cheney is just keeping up with the boss.

The polijournos are a bunch of whining Clymer's from first to last. Why should the WH start taking prisoners now? What has the "press" to offer?

terrye said...

I think that reporters have just gotten too big for their britches. It has happened before. The press nagged John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Abrahm Lincoln to distraction. Think what they could have done with cable news on 24/7.

Media not only confuses themselves with the "people", they also forget that there is no law that says there has to be briefings at all.

If they had parked their asses outside that ranch like they did Bush's when Cindy Sheehan was on the scene they would have seen the damn ambulance. They might have acted like reporters and done some reporting.

I think Cheney's attitude toward the national press is much the same as his attitude toward Patrick Leahy. They can go eff themselves. Can't say as I blame him.

terrye said...

Roses of the Prophet Mohammed press. Steyn is funny as well as insightful.

Seneca the Younger said...

I think the most interesting thing about Cheney's "get stuffed" attitude toward the press is that it reveals how unimportant the White House press have become --- they're being discounted by everyone,

I suspect this is the foundation of a lot of the WH press rage, too.