Blog Wars

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
This post is not meant to solicit responses from our colleagues--but more to describe what Charlie (may peace be upon him) and I have been through at Jay Rosen's site--fascinating--you know, I have never seen Charlie po'ed -- but damn, I am glad I am not his dog (sorry Charlie)--I went through the same sort of crap--and it is interesting: apparently some of their posters looked at our website site ID, Yargb, and figured it was a coordinated attack. Whatever.

I had the not particularly demanding (intellectually speaking) task of matching wits with one Steve Lovelady--whose resume far outstated his intellectual grasp of reality--
I made enough of a pain in the ass of myself, to get both Steve and me booted off Jay's site--not a problem, I claimed alcohol addiction, and general malaise.

Sports Fans: it is most interesting to me, that many of the poster's on this site somehow assumed that we were mounting a coordinating attack on their thesis--it really has come to the issue that political sites on one wing see other sites as on the other wing

At any rate, I am happy to report, that I got both me and the execrable Steve Lovelady purged from Jay's site--hey, its the LEAST I could have done--and then the dumb son of a b**ch called me "son"--Do any of you have any idea how much that burns me?

just saying--scum bag, opinionated b*tholes etc--I can live with that--but not SON
you guys are great
we have a great blog
and damn we are so much smarter than those ersatz SOBs that masquerade as professors of journalism schools


Rick Ballard said...


I think it was neurocon as well as Charlie that got them going. He was getting in fair licks all the way through.

I can't comment there - I'd drop down to very short words too quickly, aside from the fact that I don't consider what's produced there to have much in the way of value. Wooly mammoths staring bemusedly at the circling sabertooths and foggily wishing for days that will not come again.

David Thomson said...

We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. But you need to stop picking on Steve Lovelady. He's too easy.

RogerA said...

David--and you know what pisses me off the most? the sorry SOB has never admitted lying about what I posted--

Frankly, I think this was a worthwhile effort--Ironically, I think Jay Rosen's post was on target--but it seems that the left side of the blogosphere seems to need evidence of some coordinated attack

And yes, Neurocon was there as well, although contributing the ersatz notion that somehow we dreamed this up as an exercise in the evening hours.

and David--I cant tell you just how much physical damage I could do to this twit Steve whatever

God--I HATE it when I have to be good

RogerA said...

And I guess I need to say--I continue to be impressed by our colleagues on this blog--thanks to one and all. you guys are pretty alright!

Seneca the Younger said...

I wrote Jay a note out of band and pointed out that Lovelady was getting pretty durn close to libel, and that Jay might prefer Lovelady libel people on his *own* blog... so hopefully I did my bit.

Funny you should mention the "getting mad" thing... I'll post something shortly.

RogerA said...

Damn--just saw Jay's blog and I find that those folks are apparently monitoring our blog here--OK
this isnt conspiracy stuff--and for the folks coming over from Jay's blog, neither Stevie nor I were banned--Jay asked us to go away, and thats what I did

Sorry if I offended any outside readers. If banned was my term, I retract it--I went along with Jay Rosen's wishes where he told us to take it off line.

Jay is a gentleman, its his blog, and god bless him

Now--are there any lurkers here that want to take issue?

Seneca the Younger said...

Fair enough ... and just to make it clear to all, Neurocon, Roger, and I all found our way to Jay's blog independently, although we have a convergence of opinions and interests that are in fact how we ended up as co-bloggers.

vnjagvet said...

Damn. I thought all that conspiring would pay off bigtime.

Now that they caught us, how can we go on?????

Code words? Secret mind rays? Some advanced electronic transmission tower?

Quick. Someone think of something or we're finished.

ambisinistral said...

I love internet food fights. :-)

chuck said...

I see you gentlemen have been busy. May I buy you a drink?

BTW, I don't think many folks have come by to check us out, the blog stats haven't risen at all.

Eric Blair said...

Rosen attracts all sorts.

I wonder if Marky mark is a guy that used to post over there until Rosen banned him.