Daily Kos and his Allies “raised over $6K in just two hours or so”

Friday, February 03, 2006
It is now the common wisdom that the Daily Kos and the other leading leftist bloggers are perhaps the dominant force in national Democratic politics. A central reason why this has occurred is their ability to raise sizable sums of money in a relatively short period of time. Currently, the Daily Kos is trying to destroy Democrat Henry Cuellar. He considers the congressman from the overwhelmingly Democratic 28th District in Texas to be a traitorous “backstabber.” How serious is the Daily Kos? Well, take a look how much he has helped Ciro Rodriguez, Cuellar’s opponent in the Democratic primary (there is no Republican opponent!):

“Update: Damn, between the netroots and Atrios ActBlue pages, we've raised over $6K in just two hours or so. And here's the dirty little secret -- few people actually participate. Those $6K came from just 121 contributors (including me). Hackett and his $400K raised during his House special election came from just 4,500 or so contributors.”

Kos link.... CAUTION: This site is known to cause symptoms which closely parallel those of paresis.

Money talks and bovine excrement walks. The Daily Kos delivers the goods. He cannot be ignored. Kos has every intention of imposing his will on the Democratic Party. Moderate Democrats need to seriously consider moving over to the Republican Party. They are increasingly no longer welcome within the party of their younger years. The Daily Kos is doing his best to push them out of the door.


Specter said...

Hope he's keeping careful track of where that money came from. One slip and he could be fined big time....

RogerA said...

This is wonderful news!! the Democratic party of FDR, HST, and JFK continues to self-destruct. Go Kos!

Knucklehead said...

Can anyone comment on whether or not Kos' crowing and back patting is deserved or not?

One question just off the top of my head:

- is $6K a significant amount of money for that particular congressional district in TX? Put another way, is this enough money to purchase either the candidate himself or whatever the candidate needs to make himself viable?

How important is latency vs. bandwidth? One might need 6,000 gallons of water but what one needs it for determines the how much latency, bandwidth, and duration matter. If the barn is burning you want low-latency (don't want the barn burned down before you can put water on it) and high bandwidth (you need a fire hose rather than a garden hose). On the other hand if you need the 6,000 gallons to fill a water tank you don't need the same latency (who cares if it takes a half-hour to get the water to start coming out the end of the line) or bandwidth (you don't need the whole 6,000 gallons "NOW!", you need them more like "this week").

It seems intuitive that the Koslings can deliver low latency and high bandwidth but are those things essential in either this case or in general?

David Thomson said...

This is the most recent Kos update:

"It's been about 23 hours since I started posting on this race, and in that time the netroots, Atrios, and Firedoglage ActBlue pages have collectively raised nearly $30K."

Is Karl Rove funding Kos? If the Daily Kos did not exist, the Bush White House would have to invent him.

Rick Ballard said...


You raise a good point and I'm thinking of a response. In the interim a reflection upon the fact that $3K per hour is being trumpeted in Koslandia may intimate the depth of their... well, let's look at it this way:

There are 6,648 hours (more or less) remaining until the polls open on election day 2006. If $3K per hour is raised in Koslandia every single hour until election the total received will be $19, 944,000. A tidy sum until one considers that the Dems raised $102,889,031 (House total) in their losing effort in '02. So the Dem average per hour over the entire two year cycle culminating on election day '02 was $5,872 per hour - in support of a losing effort. The Reps raised $12,030 per hour over the same two year period. Every hour of every day for two years.

There may be joy in Koslandia this morning but I would imagine that joy might be tempered if knowledge of division and multiplication was common among its denizens.

I agree with DT that the Koslandians have significant power within the Dem party, I just question the party's intellegence in believing that Mowlett's Ass is the equal of Joe Trippi.

Knucklehead said...


I'm wondering about the various capacities involved. What's the maximum potential flow of the source(s) that the netroots, Atrios, and Firedoglage ActBlue are tossing their hoses into. And once their hoses are tossed into the source(s), what are the capacities of their hoses and pumps.

The timeline so far probably isn't long enough to give us any good ideas but the "2 hour" rate was $3/hr and the "23 hour" rate was a bit more than $1k/hr.

Not that we're likely to be able to quantify such things without a few more years of data collection but it would be interesting to have some idea how elastic the overall supply is. How many, and how large, pumps and hoses can be tossed into the supply and what number of targets can the entire mechanism direct meaningul flow onto.

Just a curiosity thing.

Also of some interest, it seems to me, is that the firehose in this case is directed to a Dem against a Dem. They want "their" Dems. Nothing inherently wrong with that, of course. Reps direct their dollars to one Rep over another. I suspect, however, that the Moonbat Fire Companies don't have enough capacity for both the internal and external firefighting.

Rick Ballard said...


What you're talking about is why Dean is going to be fired. He claims that he's using party money to build "grass roots" organizations in "all 50 states". Moderate Dems (the majority of the party) are beginning to wonder just what type of hires he's making. The unions used to provide paid "grass roots" people at no cost so Dean's using party money for replacements would be understandable - if his "hires" didn't all wear orange baseball caps to work.

Money is certainly not the end all, be all of politics but the removal of union help coupled with Dean's miserable performance as a fund raiser as well as his questionable dispensation of the largesse that he has rounded up is going to become a very big story.

flenser said...

Latest Senate campaign finance data

Kean in NJ looks like he needs a little help.