Fact checking the SOTU

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I live half way between Othello WA and Moses Lake WA--you mean you dont have any idea where that is? its a 20 minute drive into the office every morning and so I tune my radio to NPR (OK--I am a masochist). I was particularly entranced this AM by the assertion from those BBC sounding twits on morning edition, that they would "fact check" the SOTU--Here is the link

Of course what followed was even more sophomoric, as NPR reporters suggested the president didnt include what THEY, the NPR reporters, thought should be included--and I reflect every April 15th, that my hard earned tax dollars pay for these twits.


Knucklehead said...


I'm getting a "can't find the server at www.npr.org" error. I don't seem to be having a general DNS issue. I suppose my firewall could be doing some intelligent filtering...

Knucklehead said...

OK, I think I found the NPR piece here. No idea why I had to do it manually.

terrye said...


For years I listened to NPR everyday. First in the barn during morning and evening milkings and then on the road in my commute to work.

The last day I listened to NPR news was the day Baghdad fell and the idiot reporter said she was afraid of the Americans and was glad her Iraqi minder was there to protect her. Or something like that.

I was offended enough that after more than 20 years of listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered I turned off the radio.

Rick Ballard said...

Link is fixed.

Terrye - weren't you afraid of souring the milk? I can understand Beethoven or Mozart in the barn but NPR? Poor cows.

Rick Ballard said...

"you mean you dont have any idea where that is?"

Is the big wrecking yard still on the left just as you enter town? Is Boeing still using that strip out there for check outs on the brand new 'no number yet' airliners?

No one can claim to be a traveler who hasn't seen Moses Lake - which if memory serves, isn't quite visble from the town.

RogerA said...

OMG--Rick--You Know where it is--the Moses Lake Airport, given to the city by the USAF in the 1970s, just happens to have the longest runway west of the missippii--some 14700 feet long
as a result, we make lots of money by many aircraft manufacturers practicing touch and gos.

And while many may not perceive as Central Washington state as anything in particular, Grant County, my county, is the largest agricultural producer in Washington state, and I live within an hour of five major bodies of water.

ahem--full disclosure: the wife is selling real estate--and it just turned up as one of the cheapest areas in the country.

Knucklehead said...

Well, RogerA, I can assure you that none of your fellow Yargbians think you or your wife cheap.

Barry Dauphin said...


If I'm thinking of the same NPR correspondent as you, that was Anne Garrels. I used to wake up to NPR on the radio as my alarm (minus the milking though). Listening to Anne Garrels and the sky is falling greatly contributed to my changing the dial. It was like who's side are you on, lady? I'm sure she had given Iraq the Eason Jordan treatment too.

Specter said...

I wonder if they will "fact check" John Kerry's claim about only 54% of youngsters graduating with a high school education in the US. He made the claim this morning on the Today Show.

Buddy Larsen said...

I used to do NPR also while driving. I think it was a long interview with Marvin Kalb that finally cured me--some two-three years ago. Haven't clicked it since--already know everything they'll say.
Then one day not long ago, Kalb showed up on TV, as a Fox contributor. Far less supercilious, misleading, and outright mendacious now. Must be what chameleons call 'protective coloration'.