Increased Terrorist Risk in Manhattan? Are the Super-Rich Crazy?

Saturday, February 25, 2006
The Arabs are not now just coming into the United States. They have been here for awhile! It is laughable to observe the hysteria surrounding the Dubai Ports International buyout of a handful of shipping terminals. Are the very wealthy among us fearful of a possible increased chance of terrorism? Well, that apparently is not the case. Few, if any, seem concerned that Dubai investors manage a number of luxury office spaces and hotels in Manhattan:

“Earlier this year Dubai Holding’s subsidiary luxury hospitality group Jumeirah International took over the management of the famous Essex House hotel in New York, rebranding it Jumeirah Essex House, following a $ 500 million buyout by Dubai Investment Group, also a subsidiary of Dubai Holding, from Strategic Hotel Capital in September last year.”

“Last year Istithmar acquired one of New York’s most famous landmark buildings — 230 Park Avenue in Manhattan, also known as the Helmsley Building, a 34-storey gold-domed office block which sits at the top of Park Avenue, in a $ 705 million deal.”


Some fears are reasonable. Being overly concerned about Arab terrorists infiltrating companies owned by Dubai investors is not among them. Does anyone really believe that America’s super rich are suicidal? Are they not prudent when it comes to their own safety---and that of their loved ones?


terrye said...

Some Saudi prince owns the Four Seasons. I don't see people refusing to go there.

David Thomson said...

Common sense dictates that an Al Quada sympathizer could do more damage at a major hotel, resort area, or office building. The U.S. Coast Guard does not protect these buildings! Aren’t the ultra-rich well educated and astute in the ways of the world? If they are rather serene concerning these business arrangements with Arab business entities---shouldn’t this indicate that the rest of us might consider doing likewise?

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Let's please be careful about what we say on these forums. I can think of a thousand ways an intelligent terrorist could damage the US. This particular bunch isn't that intelligent. Let's not give them any ideas they don't already have.