The United Arab Emirates Leave Much to be Desired, But....

Monday, February 27, 2006
Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities legitimately points out that the United Arab Emirates do not represent the pinnacle of liberal democratic thinking and values. On the contrary, the majority of these people seem to be downright bigoted and reactionary. Jeff cites these embarrassing polling results:

Are George W. Bush & Tony Blair greater threats to the rest of the world than Al Qaeda? Yes 74% No 22% No Comments 2%

Is Sadr invention of Bush? Yes 77% No 18% No Comments 3%

Will Beslan carnage help Chechnya towards the road of independence? Yes 82% No 15% No Comments 2%

Do you feel there should be censor on freedom of speech? Yes 52% No 46%

Should the state enforce modesty in dress? Yes 50% No 42% No Comments 6%

Is corruption widespread in Dubai? Yes 72% No 24% No Comments 2%

Taliban should hand over bin Laden for trial? Yes 42% No 53% No Comments 3%

Would you support your beautiful daughter's decision to enter a beauty pageant? Yes 41% No 57% No Comments 1%

Al Gore better than George Bush for the Middle East? Yes 53% No 6% No Comments 39%

Like nationals, expats also can have tinted glasses? Yes 95% No 3%

Are you comfortable with AC on full blast in your office in winter? Yes 64% No 33% No Comments 1%

Film-based song & dance shows a waste of time? Yes 60% No 32% No Comments 7%

Are suicide bombings furthering the goal of a Palestinian state? Yes 42% No 51% No Comments 6%

Qatar open to serving as base for US attack. Do you think it as right decision? Yes 26% No 68% No Comments 4%

Should we keep our mouth shut to all the nonsense from our boss? Yes 27% No 66% No Comments 6%

There's no fun place other than Dubai in the Gulf? Yes 58% No 35% No Comments 5%

See also UAE's romance with Bin Laden”

Beautiful Atrocities

We should not lie to ourselves about the gross deficiencies of our Arab allies. There’s little doubt that most citizens of Dubai, for instance, are anti-Semitic. Things are admittedly a long way from being perfect. Dubai was even of the very few nations who diplomatically recognized the brutal Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Still, these people are moving in the right direction. They are increasingly embracing modernity and economic progress. Dubai’s leaders are firmly behind the United States in the war on terror. Alienating the people in this region would be a tragic mistake.


flenser said...

This poll could have been taken from our European allies, or even to some extent from the domestic Democrats.

David Thomson said...

I remain strongly in favor of Dubai Ports taking over the management of a number of American shipping terminals. This doesn’t bother me in the least. I do not need to run away from reality. The good vastly outweighs the bad. That’s all we need to know.

PDS said...

You've got to check out the last two posts at Varifrank. They make the Port issue look like a tempest in a tiny port.

terrye said...

Hey in this case I am in complete agreement with flenser.

We don't have to like people to do business with them. My God we do business with China and Saudi Arabia ...and Canada and France too.

As far as the Taliban is concerned, the Clinton administration approached them about a pipeline through Afghanistan back in the 90's, I got the impression that they considered them the folks running the place.

In fact I remember Richardson, the present Governor of NM, talking about how strange it was to deal with them. The US had hoped to put the screws to the Iranians with such a deal but it died in the late 90's. This would be the same deal that was completely misrepresented in Moore's film. So we don't have to like people to deal with them.

After the Dems get trhough treating the folks in Dubai like savages it will be interesnting to see if they still like Gore better.

They are antisemitic and resent American forces in the ME, just like a lot of other people in that part of the world.. But at the same time they let our military use the place and they back us when we need them to.

flenser said...

Hey in this case I am in complete agreement with flenser.

That's happening more and more often. The only question is, am I becoming a moderate or are you becoming a right wing extremist? ;)