What is the Role of the Gambino Crime Family in the Dubai Ports Controversy?

Friday, February 24, 2006
I cannot link to John Fund’s short piece on The Wall Street Journal’s “Opinion Journal’s Political Diary.” This is a subscription based service. These two paragraphs will have to suffice:

It seems every party except one has undergone scrutiny in the firestorm over the Dubai ports deal. The Bush administration is answering reams of questions, and reporters are certainly giving the anti-terrorism record of the UAE government a once over. But where are the questions about the unions that are in the front row of the jeering section trying to scotch the deal?

The wonder is that the Dubai company was willing to take on the hassle of managing U.S. ports for thin profit margins," one maritime expert told me. He noted that Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-based leader in port operations, refuses to invest in the U.S. because it won't deal with the local unions. A former member of the Federal Maritime Commission told me it is an open secret that the U.S. longshoremen's union prefers U.S. operators "because they can get more patronage and exercise more leverage that way.

How many people know that “ILA (International Longshoremen's Association) President John Bowers was charged with racketeering and named as an associate of the Gambino organized crime family in a July 2005 civil complaint filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn?” Wow, does Senator Chuck Schumer know anything about these allegations?


Rick Ballard said...

"Wow, does Senator Chuck Schumer know anything about these allegations?"

He does unless he's been dropped from Gambino's payroll. Ya know, I did link ASI's control of the Redhook terminal. Look behind all the flags waving and notice that it's a family owned company. Whose family did you think they were talking about?

terrye said...


Hey we can start going about Italin Americans and the mafia and that will balance out the other stuff. I know a lot of Italians that get tired of that, but the Gambinos are just as real as the terrorists.

In fact I have always been concerned about that. I was talking to someone about this the other day...how patriotic is the mafia?