Will the Last Person Leaving France Please Turn Off the Lights?

Sunday, February 19, 2006
“I heard about it several days ago, only because my in-laws are French, and the affair has understandably shaken the French Jewish community to the core.We had a large wave of French Jews immigrating to Israel last summer. Something tells me that this summer we're going to have another one.” What is behind this new concern of the Jewish community in France? Here is a brief glimpse:

“They acted with indescribable cruelty," the judiciary police chief leading the investigation said. "They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut him and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight."

Now read the whole thing. It will truly disgust you

It is estimated that one out of every thirty people residing in France is a young and unassimilated Islamic male. The situation is too far gone. I can’t imagine a realistic scenario where the French can turn things around. Fighting an enemy outside of your country’s borders is bad enough---but what can you do when they live only a few miles from your front door? This is another reason why investors keep sending money to the United States. We are just about the only game in town. Our political and military stability is the envy of the world. When everything else is equal, why would anyone choose a French company over an American one?


terrye said...


Demographics don't look good in Japan either but it should be remembered that the French lost almost a generation in WW1. They lost almost half the population in the Black Death. It could be done, but they would need to reform their economy, limit immigration and start having babies.

But I tend to think twice before I come up with any dracnonian end games. I heard for years about nuclear holocaust with the Soviet Union, did not happen. World over population, did not happen. Now there is global warming and the demise of Europe. Both could be the real deal...but I am not ready to say France is dead. The Franks held back the Muslims in 792, centuries before Columbus happened upon this hemisphere.

I am not ready to give up on them yet.

terrye said...


I did not mean to say there is not anti semitism in France, there is and always has been. The story you linked is awful, but not all French people do things like that anymore than all the southerners were out lynching black people.

But I do agree that France has a big problem.

terrye said...


I screwed up your post. I tried to fix the link when someone else already had. I am sorry. I promise that from this time forward I will keep my grubby paws to myself.

David Thomson said...

“I screwed up your post.”

Hey, beggars can’t be choosey. We HTML illiterates have to rely on the generosity of others.

“...and start having babies.”

There is very little evidence to indicate that French families are going to bring more children into the world. I am unaware of any optimistic population projections. The same holds true in the United States in the bluer areas. Red staters have more babies. The census in 2010 will likely hurt the Democrats in a severe manner. The red states will almost certainly increase their number of congressional seats and electoral votes.

Rick Ballard said...

The link works fine.

Terrye - do you think that the "France" of today is still France? I have a suspicion that the French educational system has PC'ed the concept of national identity almost to death there. I do think that there is a possibility that there are sufficient numbers of "French" French to turn back the tide but the enemies of "France" include most of its government and damn near all of its media. After all, France is tranzi headquarters.

A new Madame LaFarge may knit in the shadow of the guillotine once again but the issue is really in doubt. I believe that there are elections this spring so we may get real evidence as to how many "French" remain in France very soon.

David Thomson said...

“...but the enemies of "France" include most of its government and damn near all of its media.”

The leftist French citizen believes that their own country is evil. It must be destroyed in order to bring forth an utopian society. There is even a good possibility that the French surrendered so easily to the Nazis because many leftists thought that their more conservative fellow citizens were more despicable than Hitler’s goons.

The typical left-wing radical does not really fear Islamic extremism. These silly people believe that once the “vile” capitalist political structures are eradicated---the Muslim crazies will become warm and peace loving human beings. There is no genuine war on terror. This is supposedly a ruse to help the so-called reactionaries retain power.

truepeers said...

It's crunch time for France. From reading up on the blue scarf movement it's clear that there is some very deep anger in some quarters in France. How widely felt? I don't know. This report, if accurate (see follow-up here would suggest that there is a split coming between the LePen fascists and the Christian right. The former is willing to ally with Islamists seeing it is as a way to realize the fascist fantasy. This will clarify the battle lines: on one side will stand the Christian and nationalist French; and on the other will come together an awkward alliance that all parties will cynically hope to dominate, the tranzi left, fascists, and Islamists only some of whom will at first be surprised to find themselves the natural allies they are.

In time, the French cities may be left smoking holes, but when the dust settles they may be making babies in the productive towns and countryside once again, without a welfare state.

It's fascinating to me that left on the ground between the two sides there remains, as always, the Jewish question. LePen may be forcing the Christian and nationalist right to overcome their antisemitism and pick sides with the truly progressive world forces.

ambisinistral said...

When I look at the EU the main problem, and likely the death of it, are the relatively open borders. Why make that staement in relationship to this dicussion about the death of France?

When one or more European countries start tightening screws on their Modlem populations, and I believe they will, demographics will turn out to be far more volatile than imagined.

If one country wades into their ghettoes with tear gas and nightsticks, while simulaneously cutting immigration and wefare benefits, a lot of their Moslem residents are going to take the path of least resistence and head elsewhere.

Once that happens, the other countries face the prospect of tightening their thumb screws or being swamped as an uprooted Moslem population begins to slosh around the continent.

I think it was Peter in the UK who has said on more than one ocassion -- plug the Chunnel now before it is too late.

David Thomson said...

I can't conveniently ignore the evidence provided by my fourth grade math skills. There are just too many Islamic crazies running around in the EU. They literally number in the millions. An estimated one in thirty individuals residing in France is an unassimilated Muslim male under the age of forty! How do you get around those daunting figures? Should the French set up concentration camps? I am unable to offer any realistic suggestions. And so far---I’ve not notice anyone else doing so either.

Peter UK said...

There is one reason that large Muslim commuinities are unassimilated,it is their own deliberate policy of not becoming culturally diluted

The endless nonsense about jobs for the disaffected youth is trotted out without ever considering the awkward fact that European unemployment levels are colossal,to what end is Europe importing hundreds of thousands of people?
The other canard is that this is to support the vast social schemes demanded by Europeans,how so when these people do not have jobs? Further do they not also become old,get sick and place a demand on those very schemes they are supposed to be supporting.
The bottom line is the liberal left decidedfor doctrinaire reasons on an open door policy,the smear of racism and the concepts of multiculturalism and cultural equivalence kept the project rolling forward.
Now we are at a crossroads and the authors of this project know not what to do,on past experience they will plough on, forcing this upon their nations rather than lose face.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I am unable to offer any realistic suggestions. And so far---I’ve not notice anyone else doing so either.

They're not even trying at the moment. They are in fact in deep denial.

There's no question that there are lots of things they can do if they choose to do them. When the Nazis came in, they chose to do nothing, or even to help them round up the Jews. Why do we believe things will be any different this time around?

David Thomson said...

“They're not even trying at the moment. They are in fact in deep denial.”

You need to go one step further. Someone trying to even start a rational discussion is subject to a lawsuit or even jail time! Being accused of “hate speech” in France will minimally place one in serious economic jeopardy.

terrye said...


I don't think the America today is the America of 1945 but if some barbarians tried to institute sharia I think you might be surprised by the backbone some yanks would show.

I think that France never really recovered from WW1 and that is why they did not fight harder when the Nazis came in. That and the fact that the Nazis were very brutal when they began the assault and slaughtered everyone who tried to defend their country. I have a friend who was in some museum in a small town over there and he said he encountered some old woman who was looking at the photos of that era and weeping. She said the Nazis wiped out her whole family when they invaded. The brutality destroyed what will to fight there was.

I know some people who have spent time in France and they tell me that there is a big difference between Paris and the countryside. I have also talked to folks who spent time in Normandy and were surprised at the kindness of the locals.

I am not saying that there is no problem, only that in terms of history France has faced other very serious problems and survived. I think we tend to think in the short term. It took centuries for the people of France to recover from the Plague.

But yes, they are in denial and they need to wake up. After all they have nukes already.