The Back Stabbing French are Doomed

Sunday, March 19, 2006
Some people are finally waking up to reality:

“The purpose of the plan, obviously, is to cut into France's sky-high unemployment by allowing employers to hire young workers without making what has become virtually a lifetime commitment. If France's university graduates are so ignorant of economics that they really can't understand this, that country is in even deeper trouble than we thought.”

---John Hinderaker

France is royally screwed. The majority of its citizens are addicted to the welfare state. They should be compared to a heroin junkie looking for his next fix, or a derelict begging for pennies to purchase a cheap bottle of wine. Nothing significant is going to change in the near future. Running away from reality is second nature to the French. We owe them nothing. They are back stabbers who are not to be trusted. This is nobody’s problem but their own. Our main concern is to make sure that France’s troubles do not spill over to our shores. When is the next flight leaving for New Delhi---or Dubai? We best get better acquainted with the winners of the world.


terrye said...


You know what they say about drunks...first they have to hit bottom. Maybe the same is true with the French.

David Thomson said...

"Maybe the same is true with the French."

It's too late for that. That might have been possible some twenty years ago. The situation is too far gone. At best, the French could become similar to the reformed alcoholic who is now dying from cirrhosis of the liver.

terrye said...

Never say never. Look at everything they have survived.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I don't agree that they're addicted--I think the fundamental ideas of economics are literally unavailable to most French people. Go take a look at the list of Nobel Prize winners in economics--almost all of them are American or British. I can't recall a single Frenchman. Do they even teach the subject over there?

France has a not-invented-here mentality. They are averse to new ideas which aren't French. It will take a long time for the ideas of modern economics to propagate through the French consciousness.

Skookumchuk said...

I'm reminded of the famous de Gaulle snub of Prime Minister Ikeda of Japan - he didn't want to take time to meet that "transistor salesman".

truepeers said...

There may be more to this story than we are hearing. Check out, e.g., a new blog devoted to France watching. She is reporting that a lot of the protest is because this job program is actually intended to favor immigrants over the French working class.