The Daily Kos Apparently Backs Another Election Loser

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
The Daily Kos and his leftist establishment buddies invested a significant amount of money and effort to defeat Texas U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who often works closely with President Bush. Unless something unexpected occurs, the radical favorite former congressman Ciro Rodriguez had been defeated.

One can almost take it for granted that a Daily Kos endorsement is a kiss of death for a politician. He has inadvertently become Karl Rove’s best friend. If the Daily Kos did not exist---the president’s election strategist would have to invent him.

Update: It’s official. Henry Cuellar has won. The Houston Chronicle reports the final totals:

U.S. House, District 28
Ciro Rodriguez, D
Victor Morales, D
Henry Cuellar, D (I)


Eric Blair said...

This is so true. That guy is really is the kiss of death to any candidate.

Rick Ballard said...

Well the Kos strategy of selecting veterans to run against incumbents worked to a T in TX-17. This district provides a perfect place to test the strategy to completion in November. The district is evenly split and the vet appears to have the right tools to win.