Feminist Craziness at the Naval Academy?

Thursday, March 09, 2006
I don’t particularly follow college football. The accomplishments of star player Lamar Owens who greatly contributed to Navy’s successful 8-4 record were unknown to me. Regrettably, he is perhaps becoming more famous for his off the field behavior. The 22 year old senior has been charged with raping a fellow female student. Political correctness appears to dominate the military code of justice proceedings. I couldn’t believe that I read the following:

“The alleged victim testified the assault occurred after she had been out drinking at an Annapolis bar with friends. She said she was examined for rape on Jan. 31 and reported the attack to criminal investigators on Feb. 6. The taped conversation occurred shortly after.

Under cross-examination, the woman acknowledged she was very drunk on the night of the assault and that her memory of events was spotty. When defense attorney Wroble asked her if it was possible that she had consented to sex, she answered, "I suppose."

Later, however, she said, "I wouldn't define it as consent if I can't remember it happening."

Still later, she said, "I don't believe I would have consented."


Is there something I’m missing? Am I merely a red neck bubba who doesn’t get it? How can these proceeding go forward when the alleged victim cannot unambiguously assert whether or not she consented to the sexual activity? Is the Navy hysterically overreacting to avoid being labeled as reactionary and sexist?


CF said...

I'm glad I'm not young any more. The latest is that a drunk woman cannot truly consent. If you have a son, give him forms to take which he makes any date sign before witnesses,

David Thomson said...

I used to think that one could not be charged with a crime if the victim wasn’t even sure it occurred. This is insanity. And yes, it appears that a young man needs to carry around legal documents for his date to sign. Furthermore, how can the male not avoid prosecution if the woman later expresses a certain degree of regret?

Eric Blair said...

Maybe. He shouldn't have been out cruising for a fellow cadet in the first place. We're not paying for him to go to Annapolis to get laid.

Basically, bad judgement all around.

brylun said...

Given that testimony, if you were on a jury would you find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

David Thomson said...

If I were a member of the jury---I would be asking, “What in hell am I doing here?” Why would a prosecutor even dare present this case to a court of law? Isn’t the judge obligated to throw it out? I am simply appalled. None of this make any sense to me. This appears to be nothing less than a total capitulation to the feminist crazies?

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Agreeing with your overall point, but it's "a female fellow student," not "a fellow female student." Who says grammar is trivial?

gumshoe1 said...

evidently it's a campaign of some kind...Protein Wisdom had several
similar threads on the topic this past week.
"Cultural relativity and rape"
-Protein Wisdom

"Does each culture get to define “rape” in its own way? Or is there some objective notion of rape that is universal—or, if you prefer, that should be promoted as universal?"

"We are women, hear us roar
(that we aren't responsible
for our own actions)"
-Protein Wisdom

'Interesting bit from the BBC on what amounts to “rape” as (potentially subjective) afterthought. “Ensure consent for sex, men told”...'


Eric Blair said...

I'm actually thinking more along the lines of what the rules are for midshipmen at the Naval Academy.

You mean to tell me it's ok for the midshipmen to be banging each other regardless of consent?

Seneca the Younger said...

Eric, if you think that you're going to successfully tell a Navy guy that he shouldn't go to bars and get laid, I'm forced to infer you don't actually know many people in the Navy.

Or college, for that matter.

That said, the degree to which it's become standard for non-rape sex to require a degree of informed consent similar to cardiac surgery is a little annoying.

terrye said...

On my 18th birthday I went to a fraternity party at IU. Some guys got me to drink too much and then assaulted me. I had so many bruises that when I saw my Dad a couple of days later I told my father I had fallen down a flight of stairs.

Of course it did not end there. These sweet young men called me and harrassed and in general made my life hell until a male friend of mine threatened to hurt someone. I did not go to the authorities because I did not want any more people calling me a whore.

So unless you have been in a situation like this it is difficult to really know what is going on.

flenser said...

It would be odd if there is not some Academy regulation covering fraternization between students.

Regardless, I imagine that both of these individuals no longer have a future in the Navy.

Rick Ballard said...

Thanks Terrye, I've looked at this a couple of times and wondered why the woman brought the case. It may be a statement of "I would never consent sober so I know I couldn't have consented drunk." I would imagine that most female midshipmen would exercise care in their relationships with classmates - they will spend their careers with people "who knew them when" in a way that kids at most colleges will not.

If Mr. Football Hero is a bedroom braggart then putting him in his place may have seemed the only logical response to the woman involved. It is sometimes helpful to substitute "my sister" or "my daughter" in the woman's place in these reports. I'm not suggesting that there are no malicious prosecutions for there certainly are, but without actually knowing the individuals concerned I don't think that rash conclusions are justified.

gumshoe1 said...

very sorry to hear that story,terrye.

terrye said...

I think that sometimes men think that if a woman does not pick up a knife and threaten to castrate them...then she must be in the mood.

I was young and naive and stupid and it costs me. And the boys just did not care what I thought or felt. That may not be the case here at all, but it is difficult to know when dealing with these he said/she said kind of situations.

Knucklehead said...

The entire sex crimes situation is a mess. Real crimes go unpunished. False accusations are rampant.

Years ago when I got involved in coaching a youth sport for girls I was fortunate enough to have a good mentor. One of the first things he taught me was to NEVER put myself in a position of being alone with a kid other than my own. NEVER. And that means if you have to stand outside in the rain while the kid is dry in your auto until the parents finally show up to get her, so be it. Management training - same thing. NEVER allow yourself to be in the position where an acusation can be leveled against you.

I once, while a mere yute myself, drove a stepvan type truck selling frozen refreshments. I turned around to fetch something and there was a little girl, surely no more than nine years old, who looked at me, did a slink up onto a counter that Mae West woulda been proud of, and said, no kidding, "What's a girl gotta do to get some free ice-cream?" I freaked out. "Get out of my truck! Get out! Now!"

There's stuff going on that is just unbelievable. A lot of people behaving very badly. Is there even a hint of any way to sort it out?

vnjagvet said...
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vnjagvet said...

I'm with Eric on this one.

Unless a lot has changed in military/naval justice over the years, the first issue confronting the Academy Judge Advocate, before deciding on any criminal action is how to preserve the good order and discipline of the Academy.

Clearly the conduct of both middies has violated Academy regulations. While it is true that all college students engage in this sort of activity, getting one's self caught in this sort of pickle is scarcely the type of thing expected of the officer corps. Discretion is still required, even today, I presume.

Years ago, before the Academy was coed, had a midshipman been accused of this kind of thing the alleged victim (unless a professional) would have been credited, and the perp would have been kicked out of the Academy for a violation of the honor code. No court martial would have ensued because any criminal action would have been handled by the local authorities.

In this case, the alleged act must have occurred on Academy premises. Otherwise, there would be no court martial jurisdiction.

The Commandant of the Academy has chosen to have the matter handled by designating an officer to invetigate under Article 32 of the UCMJ. This is the military justice equivalent of a grand jury investigation. After the investigation, the Article 32 officer may recommend that the charges be dropped, or that the accused be charged with the crime being investigated (rape) or with a lesser included offense.

The Commandant may then adopt any action s/he desires, following the recommendation or not in her/is sole discretion.

Until we see how this plays out, it is hard to evaluate how social mores have affected the Academy.

It is possible that both of these young people will be thrown out of the Academy, although the report seems to suggest that that might not happen depending on the results of the Article 32 investigation.

Pastorius said...

If the guy was a redhead named Duffy, would her testimony have been enough to bring a charge?

Do you think it might have something with the fact that Lamar is Lamar?

Counter-Revolutionary said...

As I understand the UCMJ rape charge requires 2 thresholds, 1) there must be force, 2) the assailed must say NO forcefully, preferably fight. This because most military on military (no pun intended) rapes are done by familiars.

From what I am gathering in watching these cases, yes plural 3 rapes & 1 SexHar, same class mids can legally have CONSENSUAL sex off the grounds. Different classes, higher and lower ranks, are not allowed to have sex any where. Any mid having sex on the grounds is a violation.

The Superintendant is on a mission to reduce sexual misconduct during his watch. Current numbers show that he may be failing. Sex misconduct charges have actually gone up on his watch. Academy PAO, Public Affairs, claims the rise is due to a better reporting environment. Belied by today's testimony by a friend of the accuser. "Any girl at our school who turns in a guy is gonna be crucified," she said. "And he was Midshipman Owens, he was the quarterback of the football team, a very good football team. He leads Bible study and this was a terrible position to put her in."

Notice her use of the victimization code: "...terrible position to put her in."

For a more complete description of today's event refer to; http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/annearundel/bal-owens0309,0,5052243.story

For my historical record you may refer to: http://pcrevolt.blogspot.com/ and CDR Salamander has been tracking this alot:http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2006/03/what-standard-to-destroy-man.html

e said...

"The Superintendant is on a mission to reduce sexual misconduct during his watch. Current numbers show that he may be failing. Sex misconduct charges have actually gone up on his watch. "

This could actually be pointing towards success. Such a mission, if in earnest, would likely mean charges going up and not down. And could well have a positive effect on conduct. How to calibrate actual conduct, whether in fact it is improving or not, is a messier thing.