The Real Reason Behind Islamofacism?

Friday, March 17, 2006
“My problem isn't just that I am poor, or that Saddam's government killed my second uncle. My problem, I'm sorry to say in front of the two ladies, but I want the Judge to know everything about me. I was never a "homo" or gay, but I have a problem. I can't get married because my penis is small-sized.”

What more can I add?


terrye said...

Maybe a Jew shook his hand. No wait, that can't be right because when a Jew shakes your hand your penis disappears altogether.

Syl said...

If these guys didn't live in the 7th century maybe a doctor could help them--or viagra or something.

But, no. The Imams have all the rules and do's and don'ts worked out for everyone. They've had centuries to perfect their control so that nobody can escape and find another way.

What a waste of humanity.

David Thomson said...

I am very upset with Bernard Lewis. He forget to mention a major reason behind the “Rage of the Muslim world.” We should have known about this a long time ago.

Syl said...

And in case anyone accuses me of being a lefty and sympathizing too much, hold off. There are reasons a jihadi becomes a jihadi, yes. But that doesn't mean we don't have to stop them when they threaten us.

This is where the Left goes wrong: they confuse empathy with forgiveness.

And, while I'm at it, the whole Schiavo thing turned me off---but so do all those lefties supporting convicted killers.

flenser said...

Marriage in the Muslim world is not contingent on penis size. Women are routinely married off to men they have never even met, let alone slept with. So I rather suspect that this is not the "real reason" behind Islamofacism.

Rick Ballard said...


It may be that fellows who don't measure up also have their virgin quota reduced unless they do something really big. Compensatory behavior. That wouldn't be a bad rumor to start -

"Ya know the real reason Achmed went the splodeydope route, dontcha?"

terrye said...


I know what you mean. It is one thing to understand how someone could get so screwed up, it is something else to ignore the bad they do because they are.