Thursday, March 30, 2006

Somebody is paying for these Mexican Flags

I am not an expert regarding the pricing of flags. The last one I purchased, a very small one, originally cost about about $7 at Home Depot. It is my reasonable guess that the Mexican flags and those of other nationalities seen at the recent immigration protest marches throughout the country likely cost the minimum of $25 to maybe a little over $100 each. Who is paying for these items? We can pretty well take it for granted that it is not the marchers themselves. This is especially true of the teenage students. Furthermore, why are they encouraging these protesters to do something so politically stupid? Pragmatically speaking, this is one of the most idiotic things that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It is patently obvious: the marchers are being played for suckers by leftist organizers who intensely despise the United States. By all rights, the people in the streets should be enraged by such callous manipulation. Their own needs are obviously of secondary importance.


Knucklehead said...


I think they mighta been able to the Mexican Flag purchases outta petty cash. I mean, what Mexican doesn't have a dime bag handy to sell when he needs a flag? $7.95 for 3ft x 5ft Superknit polyester from United States Flag Store.

Sorry, DT, that was uncalled for but I think you're making a bit much of the Mexican flags thing. When dozens of people in a Pali refugee camp or the hinterlands of Pakistan have US flags to burn on a moment's notice we're looking at some planning and expense. When some Mexicans in LA and Houston have some Mexican flags handy... it just don't seem all that strange to me. The bodegas probably stock them fercryinoutloud.

Charlie Martin said...

David, if you were here in Colorado, I could take you to any one of a thousand little bodegas, like the one in which I buy my tamarindo sodas when I've got the urge, and show you Mexican flags from hand size to full size, along with Mexican flag sew on and iron on patches, tee shirts, window decals, devotional candles (right next to St Jude and the Virgin of Guadalupe), decorative china plates with wall mounts, and God alone knows what else.

That stuff has been in these places since I was a kid, 40 years ago; they didn't bring it in just for the demonstration, and they haven't been sitting on shelves gathering dust, either.

And why wouldn't teen agers buy flags? Mexican-Americans tend to get jobs early and hold them; in fact a running cultural issue that keeps Mexican-Americans from being as present in highly educated positions is that there's some cultural pressure to stop screwing around with school and get a job like a grownup. They may not have a ton of disposable income, but they've got plenty enough to buy the latest Nikes, or to to delay buying a new pair of Nikes in order to buy a flag.

Charlie Martin said...

Yeah, what Knuck just said.

Except the part about the dime bag.

Anonymous said...

I want a Revolutionary War "Don't Tread On Me" naval jack to fly on the 4th of July, though last year the wife thought it might be a bit extreme for our neighborhood.

Especially if I also rig up a loudspeaker to play just the second and third verses of the Star Spangled Banner over and over.

Only 90-some shopping days left.

David Thomson said...

I concede that you may have a point. This website is most interesting:

There is even a 3 ft. x 5 ft. American flag available for the very low price of only $4.95. That definitely pokes a sizable hole in my argument. However, I got the impression that these marchers were displaying flags of a higher quality. I would bet that they cost around $25.00. If so, that makes all the difference in the world. Teenagers will most assuredly spend $4.95---but $25.00?

David Thomson said...

The outrage over the Mexican flags may work out well in the end. This could prompt these people to try and prove that they are also proud Americans. If my theory is correct, the Democratic Party has something to worry about. Proud Mexican-Americans are likely to vote Republican. Am I strongly hinting that Democrat voters are at least somewhat hostile towards the United States? Yup, I most certainly am!

Knucklehead said...


Teenagers will most assuredly spend $4.95---but $25.00?

Lemme guess - you don't have any teenagers handy! ;)

Seneca, the dime bag bit was typed tongue firmly in cheek.

Not that it has anything to do with this discussion but I've long marvelled at the international notion that Americans are the world's biggest flag wavers. I don't think we even make the top 10.

Don't you watch any Olympics coverage? "Oh, that's different, that's sporting events!"

What about thus and such holiday? "Oh, that's different, that's for holidays."

Well, what about the ones so many cars? "Oh, that's different, that's just to let people know where we're from."

Well, what about the ones hanging outside people's homes? "Oh, that's different, that's decorative."

Ummm... just when and under what circumstances do Americans do all this flag waving that other people don't do?

Knucklehead said...


Given the number of flags you mentioned, and what I've seen from the pictures of the LA stuff, plus the sort of thing Seneca mentioned about the ubiquity of flags among Mexicans, I think you may be drawing precisely the wrong conclusion.

Is, perhaps, the conclusion to be drawn that the ABSCENCE of Mexican flags among such a large propotion of these protesters are sending the message that they aren't here to try and run a reconquista?

It seems an awful lot of them - a big majority - could easily have found a Mexican flag to wave around, yet they didn't. Is it possible that, for some at least, there was some conscious recognition that a protest about pending US policy regarding illegal immigrants, carried out on the streets of US cities, was no place to be waving Mexican flags?

I don't want to make too much of the flag carrying stuff but I find it more interesting that there werent bajillions of them rather than that there were some relatively small numbers of them. I doubt there was any way to keep the number at zero.

Just a thought.

ambisinistral said...

Hey, I want a "Don't Tread on Me Flag" too.

Rick Ballard said...

It should probably be the Flares official flag.

We could hold a fist fight to decide where to place it on the site.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between the two most common types. You can get the black coiled snake on a yellow field, which is kinda classic, or you can get the elongated snake on the red and white stripes, which is less menacing perhaps but also has the appeal of early American primitive art.

It's a tough call.

Now all I need is a flintlock musket and a tricorn hat and I'm all set. A buckskin jacket might be nice, too.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Let's put one on the site. Anybody have a link?

ambisinistral said...

Here is a picture of our soldiers flying bothe the flags. I like the Gadsen Flag (the one with the yellow background) better. I think it is more in your face.

terrye said...


I love you, really I do but I have to say this...who cares?

I have not heard one person talk about this other than pundits or commenters on politcal shows and blogs. Most people really don't get all that outraged by something like that.

I have seen St Patty day parades in NYC with all kinds of Irish flags and not long ago I heard about some football game in ElPaso where people were just waving both flags, having a high old time. And look at some Chinese neighborhoods and the native symbols you will see there.

Are Mexicans the only people who can't fly their flags in this country? Are we going to single them out and make an issue of this? Is it worth it?

I remember that when some people in the South wanted to keep the Confederate flag up in public places people made a big deal out of it, but conservatives and libertarians by and large said it should be left up the folks waving the flag. Well, which has done more damage to the Union? Those Mexicans or the Confederacy?

It is just like the whole thing with Cuba [talk about a foreign flag on American soil], if those people come here illegally most conservatives think it is a good thing. Remember when Reno sent that boy back to his Cuban father? Well, hell his mother drowned trying to enter this country illegally. But Reno was portrayed as some monster.

So maybe we are being a little too political about this.

truepeers said...

I was once in Mexico City after a Mexico world cup soccer match. There was no shortage of flags on display there; and what is their average hourly pay? Then again, at opportune times the Canadian government has given away Canadian flags, and i wouldn't be surprised if the Mexicans have too.

here are some flag-waving photos from Dallas, including one where a girl has the crowd in her face because she's wearing an American flag; a couple of the photos display US flags, and one Ecuadorean.

Charlie Martin said...

Skook: You mean The Gadsden Flag.

Since Old Grandfather Rattlesnake is one of my totems, I keep an eye out for them.

Charlie Martin said...

Okay, there's one on the site now. We can figure out how to do it more permanently later.

Anonymous said...


Yes. The Gadsden. Down the page a bit is the 1st Navy Jack, with its red and white stripes. Interesting that they are flying it today in the WOT, according to the site.

Either is fine by me. Where on the site should it go?