Beautiful News Throughout the Country: Illegal Immigrants Wave American Flags!

Sunday, April 09, 2006
I am so happy to read the following:

“Beatrice Saldivar protests in Dallas, Texas, carrying a photo of a nephew she said was killed fighting in Iraq.”

“Tens of thousands of people banged drums, waved U.S. flags and marched in a protest Sunday urging federal lawmakers to pass immigration reform that would legalize an estimated 11 million undocumented workers.”

The marchers have apparently learned their lesson and no longer carry Mexican flags and those of other countries. I get the distinct impression that becoming true Americans is now important to them. But shouldn’t this worry me?:

"Marches will only get you so far," said Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights, a network of Hispanic activist groups in Southern California. "There has to be an electoral component to get the Republicans out of the majority."

Oh my goodness, will these Hispanic illegals become the backbone of the Democratic Party? Hell no! These people will turn Republican as they proceed up the economic ladder. Silly people like Mr. Navarro will be pushed out of the way. He will ultimately be popular with only the Daily Kos crowd.

Securing our borders is nonnegotiable. No more masses of illegals can be allowed into the country. And yes, this goal is easily achievable. Our sausage making political process will resolve the rest of the issues.


terrye said...

Did I not say that it was only a matter of time before we started hearing from relatives of soldiers in Iraq? There are a lot of hispanics in the military.

Well those guys can dream about getting rid of the Democrats all they want but hispanics tend to like Bush pretty well and if the likes of Tancredo do not completely alienate them they might well vote Republican.

JohnnyCanuck said...

The marchers have apparently learned their lesson and no longer carry Mexican flags and those of other countries. I get the distinct impression that becoming true Americans is now important to them.

Is that a joke?

The organizers told the protestors to put the Mexican flag away for political reasons. Previous demonstrations showed where their loyalty lies. Even so many in Dallas had anti-American and anti-white signs saying things like: "Honkies, Why don't you take your white asses back to Europe?" and "We're not terrorists like Bush" (Check the photos at Michelle Malkin's blog).

terrye said...


I would be surprised if most of these people are not even immigrants to be truthful. Anytime we see demonstrations this organized it is not because some roofers put down their hammers and grabbed some flags. Street theatre.

I do know ANSWER, the same people who bring us the antiwar rallies and the antiglobablization demonstrations have taken up the cause. I imagine they will do these folks more harm than good, they usually do.

But it is true that we have a lot of hispanics in the military and I don't doubt for a minute that there will be folks who will be making that point when the other guy is doing his "ought to be a law to shoot a wetback every day" thing.

It is like the anti war crowd, I know some very nice people who do not support the war but getting out there with people like Cindy Sheehan did not exactly help the cause. The same is true here.

When it comes to people saying stupid and offensive things, both sides can take some credit. And people like Michael Savage are doing everything they can to pour gas on a fire. It is what they do, just like demonstrations is what ANSWER does.

BTW, I have a lot of relatives living in Texas and I was born and raised in Oklahoma and a certain amount of that kind of back and forth has always gone on. Go to ElPaso and try to tell the difference between the Mexicans and the Texicans.

terrye said...

Oh yes, and I don't go to Malkin's blog anymore. Sometimes I get the feeling she hates almost everyone. I began to have my doubts about her when I read some of her work justifying the internment of Japanese civilians in WW2.

And besides, she has stabbed Bush in the back everytime it works for her so who is she to complain about Bush bashing?

44% of the Hispanics in the country voted for Bush in the last election, when people like Malkin get done the Republicans could very well lose the Hispanic vote for a generation. Back the 20's they started this stuff with immigrants and Catholics and became a minority party for 20 years.

So the fact that Malkin is doing her part to spread the hate and try to bring judgment on 11 million people based on pictures she saw is no great surprise.

Syl said...

Just two things to note:

(1)The anti-war protests are shown to be duds by contrast.

(2)no matter what you think of the protestors, they're not out there burning cars.