Friday, April 28, 2006

The Daily Kos is Not the Sole Reason for the Democratic Party’s Decline

It would be a mistake to believe that marginalizing the Daily Kos crowd is sufficient to save the Democratic Party. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only major difference Kos has with the party’s “mainstream” leaders is his unrelenting hostility towards the private sector. Robert Rubin and the Daily Kos can never work out their differences. The Clinton types are only willing to give lip service to the discredited economic policies of John Kenneth Galbraith. When push comes to shove, the former president’s buddies sit on the boards of major corporations and earn substantial incomes. Are they hypocrites? It matters little whether I believe this to be the case. The Daily Kos, however, perceives these Democratic establishment figures to be low-life sell outs. He despises them. Still, both sides are in total agreement regarding abortion choice and gay marriage. And most importantly---the Daily Kos and the Democratic Party’s older power brokers essentially see eye to eye on defense matters. A pacifist mindset has captured the Democratic Party. It instinctively believes that the use of American military power will usually cause more harm than good. Any conflicts with the Islamic nihilists are the result of our imperialist policies of the past. The United States support of Israel has particularly brought us much grief. Offering an olive branch to the terrorists is the preferable way to bring peace. Who are we to think our culture is better than theirs? A more humbled America will make the world safer for everybody.


terrye said...


I don't think all Democrats think like that, but their base is making it very difficult for them to be strong on this issue. Just like the Republican base seems bound and determined to destroy their own party and hand it to those impotent Democrats on a big ass silver platter.

Right now I think Republicans need to be dealing with their own moonbat faction.

David Thomson said...

“I don't think all Democrats think like that”

All Democrats? That may be true. Nevertheless, this is the pervasive mindset of the Democratic Party’s national leaders. If anyone dissents---they will be marginalized. Only the quasi-pacifists are allowed to hold power. This is especially true regarding that party’s presidential nominee selection.