Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Dartmouth Review Smearing of David Horowitz

Somebody named Michael Russell has smeared David Horowitz in the conservative The Dartmouth Review. (HT Powerline) Don’t I mean leftist? No, I mean conservative. This publication is supposedly right of center. Russell, in his review of Horowit's splendid and important book, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, even goes so far as to describe the author as a liar: “Though Horowitz openly admits that his book is dedicated to uncovering dangerous leftist, liberal, Marxists, he also uses it as an excuse to push an agenda that is based on around character attacks and clever lies, typical of his work.”

I have been reading David Horowitz for many years. A number of his works reside on the shelves of my own personal library. Trust me on this, Horowitz is a very cautious man who goes out of his way to be fair and objective. He is not a cheap shot artist. Why the venom? What is going on here? Why do a number of conservative feel ill at ease with his campaign to reform our universities? I have a cynical theory: it jeopardizes their economic opportunities. Their college affiliation is suppose to open doors for them. They are upwardly mobile and rocking the academic boat does little for one’s long term career goals. It’s therefore perhaps best to look the other way and pretend nothing is going on. Imagine one of these graduates submitting their resume to a prospective employer while their alma mater is being publicly taken to task as something of an intellectual whore house. David Horowitz might be doing the noble thing, but is that going to increase the size of one’s bank account?


Rick Ballard said...

I don't agree concerning probable motive, DT. In fact, I wouldn't even consider ascribing a motive to this piece. The author is a twenty-something in the process of being trained - perhaps educated, although that assertion is problematic.

There is a definite whiff of 'not our kind' that is so endearing when coming from someone who to date has accomplished so very little. He has already found his 'group' and the closing of his mind is well underway. Rather unremarkable actually, I'd just mark it down to callow pomposity married to a lack of understanding as to Horowitz's aims - which are not, after all, of a totally educational nature.

terrye said...

I have no idea what motive there might be here...but something I have noticed lately is an annoyance or impatience on the part of some people with a certain kind of style.

I don't know if I can express this correctly, but not long ago a friend of mine who is conservative himself, said that he thought some critics on the right were just looking for a fight all the time with everyone over everything. Maybe it is a qestion of approach.

But this young man I spoke of is about 30 and he followed that up with some remark about how baby boomers just always have to be the center of attention and raising hell about something whichever side of the political divide they might be on.

So there might be several things going on here.

David Thomson said...

“...about how baby boomers just always have to be the center of attention and raising hell about something whichever side of the political divide they might be on.”

The writer of this slanderous piece on David Horowitz is most assuredly motivated by a number of things. Nonetheless, in back of his mind---career options may be the dominant one. Horowitz is essentially informing the American public that many, if not even most, of our so-called better schools are dominated by leftist ideologues. This is, as a marketing expert might say, not “good for the brand.” After all, these student have often invested thousands of dollars in the process.

terrye said...


It is just possible he really believes what he says.