Monday, April 17, 2006

Heather MacDonald is Grossly Exaggerating

Heather MacDonald is a very bright woman. Her writings, for instance, in defense of our nation’s police officers are highly laudable. However, MacDonald’s most recent rant concerning the illegal alien conundrum is not among her best:

“It is easy to understand why the multicultural lobby, with its antagonism to American identity, is pushing so hard for illegal-alien rights. It is less easy to understand why many conservatives, who otherwise stand for unfettered American sovereignty in all matters international, are so eager to dissolve not just our immigration laws but the principle of lawmaking behind them.”

Who are these conservatives who allegedly wish to do away with our immigration laws? I cannot think of even one person. A few of us admittedly realize that a pragmatic approach is mandatory considering the enormous numbers of illegals already in the country. Indeed, some of us passed our 4th grade math tests. Do we advocate for an amnesty program with no penalties attached to it? Nope, not in the least. Those who have broken the law must be punished. A $2,000 fine and other penalties are nonnegotiable. A number of immature thinkers like Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, a committed political leftist, may bewilderingly contend that “No person is illegal.” Left-wingers most assuredly do despise the very concept of American nationhood. And yet, why should we be overly concerned with these handful of fools? Can’t we pull the rug from under their feet? I am very optimistic that most illegals can be turned into loyal Americans desiring to improve their economic lot in life. Hispanics rarely sign up for welfare benefits. They are hard workers and refuse to perceive themselves as “victims of imperialistic capitalism.” Please note that in recent demonstrations the Mexican flag has been mostly missing. The American flag is everywhere to be seen. These current lawbreakers want to become citizens of the United States. Let’s work together to make sure this happens---along with regaining control of our borders.


terrye said...

These folks think there is a backlash to illegal immigration? Well there could also be a backlash to the backlash.

Not all people like the Cardinal you mentioned are 'fools', some of them are just strong believers in open immigration. For years many libertarians often fell into this category. But they are not in line with the majority.

But then again neither are the hardliners who want...what? I have not really figured that out, but whatever it is if they don't get it they say they will set out the next election. Crybabies.

If the Democrats win, we could lose the war and Bush could be impeached. Tough, they say, the Republicans should have thought about that before they failed to give the outraged anti immmigration forces whatever the hell it is they want, when they want it and the way they want it.

Most people seem to want increased border security and a guest worker program of some sort and deportation of troublemakers and welfare recepients.

Most people do not want to expend a lot of time and energy on some idiotic, impractical mass deportation scheme when we have not even bothered to enforce the laws we have.

There are bigger fish to fry right now, like Iran and Iraq. And these self professed conservatives should be making sure that people like Pelosi and Reid are not making these decisions.

But noooooo.....

These folks are really starting to get on my nerves.

David Thomson said...

“Most people seem to want increased border security and a guest worker program of some sort and deportation of troublemakers and welfare recepients.”

The majority of Americans seem to agree with us. They want the borders to be secure. However, they are willing to cut a lot of slack regarding the illegals already in the country. Some sort of sausage making agreement is fine with them. And yes, they don’t think this is our most important issue. I’m not even sure if it ranks in their top ten!

terrye said...


I would say it runs a very slow second to the price of gas.