Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kevin’s Last Post: Discovery Channel :: News :: Fossils Fill Human Evolution Gap

Kevin’s last post has generated at least 754 comments. Here is the link.

This is Kevin's blogger profile.

Who in hell is this Kevin fellow? What makes him so interesting? This link might be helpful. No further hints will be provided.


Anonymous said...

I know. I'm all over that blog's comment section. I'm one of the few people who doesn't post anonymously.

He's outwardly just as you'd imagine any other 26-year-old supermarket stock-boy who plays online games and hates his job and lives across from a Wal-Mart.

I find it fascinating because most of those commenters believe the horror was preventable. The one thing he actually did do takes less than a minute to do.

After the fact, plenty of commenters have pointed to "warning signs" and "cries for help," but if his friends and family did not know, then how is a social service or anyone else going to prevent it?

David Thomson said...

"At 10:16 PM, Elmer Frazier said...
I just want to say that I support this dude. The little girl had it coming. I like little girls myself especially the shaved ones. So does my son."

At least one of the comments is utterly disgusting. I'm glad that Blogger has not pulled down this monster's blog. It's fascinating to read.

Anonymous said...

He's not a monster. Monsters are fictional. This guy is real. Nothing good comes from pushing this guy into the Kand of Make-Believe inside your mind.

David Thomson said...

"He's not a monster."

That's right. He is a flesh and blood human being who planned this hideous crime. I've read enough of his blog remarks to realize that this dude is legally sane. He clearly understood that he was violating our society's moral code.

Anonymous said...

Are "intent to cannibalize" and "intent to necrophelize" chargeable offenses? I keep wondering why he waited if that was his intent. What if he changed his mind? All that remains is murder.

As for cannibalism, here's something from wiki that I didn't know: "It is possible for some mothers to gain possession of their afterbirth or placenta once their child is born. Some people eat this placenta material as a delicacy."

Even if he had eaten her, murdering her would be the worse offense -- by far.