Thursday, April 27, 2006

NPR strikes again

On my morning drive to work I was listening to their major coverage on the EU report on CIA renditions in Europe; knowing NPR to be fair and balanced, I was curious to see how they treated the similar EU report that could not establish the existence of CIA prisons (it broke on April 21, and I searched All Things Considered--the afternoon coverage, and both Weekend editions--what to my surprise!!! there was No in depth coverage of THAT story. Who would have guessed. Fortunately I became a free rider to NPR years ago--its the least I can do to make them go away.


terrye said...

I stopped listening to NPR the day Saddam's regime fell. The reporter said she was afraid of the Americans.

And I thought, but you are one you moron and turned off the radio.

Knucklehead said...

I have to admit that the last time I gave NPR five minutes of my time they were doing a reasonably sane piece on oil and potential alternative energy sources.

The last time one of my moonbat buddies blathered some idiocy he'd heard on NPR I went and tracked down the piece on their website and found the whole thing build around quotes from Henry Waxman and Helen Thomas. I just had to sigh and give up any hope of discussing the topic with the guy. There is just no way on earth one can burn through the sheer willful ingnorance of people who buy what Henry and Helen are selling through NPR infomercials.

terrye said...


Tell me about it. I talked to my brother the other day and I just refused to play the game with him. Pissed him off.

Besides, he ain't foolin me, I knew him back when he was a red neck Okie.

David Thomson said...

Why would anyone listen to NPR? There has to be other available options. I once in awhile turn on public radio for the classical music. What else does it offer?