Monday, April 24, 2006

United 93: A High Percentage of “Definitely Not Interested?”

Variety, the Hollywood insider publication cites the investment community’s concern over “United 93” which will be released this Friday:

“Studio tracking on the pic is ambiguous: By a slim margin the film is the top choice among males, but it's also registering a high percentage of "definitely not interested."

”The response is not unexpected. Indeed many industry insiders were surprised ‘United 93’ got Universal's greenlight at all.”

Do I live on an entirely different planet from that inhabited by the Hollywood elites? Universal reportedly invested a mere $15,000,000 in the United 93 project. How can it not make money? I am more than willing to go out on a limb and predict a minimum of $100,000,000 in ticket sales and another $50,000,000 in eventual DVD sales. United 93 should be a slam dunk cash cow. Unsurprisingly, Isn’t this the same Hollywood crowd that didn’t want anything to do with the Mel Gibson's supposedly financial risky “The Passion of the Christ.” Yup, that sure was a money loser. It has only brought in over $611,000,000 in worldwide ticket sales alone. When will these blue state fools ever learn?


JB said...

I predict it will be one of the best-selling DVDs of 2006.

terrye said...

I think jb is right.this might be the kind of film people prefer to watch at home.

David Thomson said...

How well will United 93 do overseas? Could the rampant anti-Americanism hinder ticket sales? That’s probably the real question. This may especially be the case in areas where it is commonly believed that a Zionist conspiracy is actually responsible for 9/11.

Eric said...

I think Terrye's right. I don't think I really would want to see this in a theatre.

ex-democrat said...

i will see it in the theater for the same reason i saw Team America in a theater: to spend a couple of hours in the company of (mostly) fellow-travellers. where i live, that's worth the price of admission.