What Should The Republicans Do About Illegal Immigration?

Saturday, April 01, 2006
There is little reason to even to address Democrats on the issue of immigration---or most anything else. The Republicans clearly have the monopoly on adult behavior. The real debates are generally speaking taking place only within the GOP. Democrats are generally too childish to bother with. What should the Republicans focus on? There are two things which I consider nonnegotiable:

1.) A national identity card. This may be the only way to truly stop the flow of more illegal immigrants. We have the technology to virtually foolproof the process. The radical libertarians must be ignored. This necessity will not turn our nation into a police state.

2.) We must turn the long term illegal aliens into citizens as fast as possible. The radical leftists want these people to remain self pitying and childishly immature American haters. Why not pull the rug from under their feet? We can put a stop to this nonsense. Let’s set up education centers to teach the currently illegal immigrants to love this country. They need to learn English and get prepared to pass their citizenship test. Should we not be helping them to become good neighbors?

Too many well intentioned folks are stuck on the fact that these illegal immigrants are breaking the law. Once again, utopian perfection is not available on this side of the grave. Human laws are simply a means to an end. For instance, how many of us strictly adhere to the speed limits posted on the highway? Viable democratic societies are often compelled to make lemonade out of lemons. At this very moment, we essentially have 10-12 million “lemons” residing in the United States. They are not going anywhere.

---There is also one more point that must be added: these illegal immigrants have children who are American citizens! They do not take kindly to threats that their parents might be sent off to jail or returned to the old country. Moreover, these youngsters can vote once they turn 18. Is the Republican Party listening?


terrye said...


After my uncle died my grandmother had a Mexican do her yard work, I doubt if she knew if he was legal or not, he was just available. The problem with some of the people obsessed with the issue of illegal status is that they would say my grandmother was breaking the law too for hiring the guy if he was not legal.

So what does that mean? How many rapists are going to go free so some cop can hassle my elderly grandmother?

And if they make illegal entry a felony it would bankrupt the country to lock all these people up. How many prisons would we have to build and how many men and women would we have to put in uniform to track down and incarcerate them all? Making people pay a fine is not amnesty, it is as much as a lot people cought breaking the law have to do.

I don't know if the Republicans are being adult or not. It seems to me there is a lot of political oppurtunism out there. Tancredo is a nutcase.

It is kind of like that whole dead beat Dad thing, if you lock the guy up he sure as hell will never pay, but if he is behind in his child support he is breaking the law.

I think we need long term solutions and not poll driven hysteria. Fat chance that is going to happen.

David Thomson said...

"Making people pay a fine is not amnesty"

That's correct. A price is being paid. They are not being provided a free ride.

"And if they make illegal entry a felony it would bankrupt the country to lock all these people up."

The math simply does not make sense. We could not even begin to lock up 10-12 million people. This is why a pragmatic approach is our only answer. Those obsessing about the violations of our national laws simply fail to understand the limited goals of viable human social orders.

terrye said...


I think a lot of it is fear and racism. I know how that sounds and I am sorry, but when I read some of the oomments out there on other blogs I have to wonder what is really going on here.

Operation Wetback one guy says. Oh yeah, it is not about race.

I have a question...maybe someone can answer.

Who actually owns the land at the border? Gale asks me that. Is it federal or state? I know that the constitution makes some reference to the government protecting borders, but which government? I have often wondered why a state like California with its resources has not shut that border off itself. I am sure that the cost of educating and providing medical attention to those people is high enough that a wall could be constructed at or near the border for a comparable sum.

I just wonder how much if any the states or locals are responsible?

truepeers said...

As a distant observer of this debate, please clarify something for me. Are any serious politicians actually saying round them all up and deport them? Isn't the debate really about whether there should be an amnesty granted before there is a wall built or some other means to stop the inflow and the constant flaunting of hte law?

David Thomson said...

“Are any serious politicians actually saying round them all up and deport them?”

Tom Tancredo seems to hint that there is a possibility of returning them all back to “where they came from.” A large number of ultraconservative non elected individuals are indeed explicitly spouting such nonsense. If you point out the logistical absurdity of their argument---they will likely just walk away from you. Didn’t these fools take 4th grade math in school? Apparently not.

I’m sure that you are personally aware of the writings of Thomas Aquinas and other political philosophers. He would be the first, I’m sure, to advise a practical approach instead of an utopian one. Absolutism is appropriate only in matters pertaining to intrinsic morality. It is always wrong to murder an innocent child. Immigration laws can come and go as needed. Strangely, many people fail to comprehend this most important distinction.

terrye said...


These people seem to think that if we do not expend billions of dollars and God only knows how much man power tracking down illegals, we are letting them get away with something. You see they did a bad thing, they broke the law, and they must pay. blah blah blah. So they should be hauled off in cattle cars, shot on sight, whatever.

For years they let this go on and on and get worse and worse and now by God we have to fix this right now, this minute or we are doomed I tell you doomed.

Morons. It is political oppurtunism and grandstanding and if they keep running off at the mouth they are going to lose the hispanic vote just like they lost the black vote.

See this is how it happens, it does not matter if the Republicans actually support better policies or stand for civil rights or whatever, so long as some loud mouth calling himself a conservative is doing his "it ought to be a law to shoot a wetback every day" all the hispanics will hear is that the Republicans are the Anglo party. They can fool themselves with some platitudes about how legals don't like illegals either but that does not change the fact that this is all about these people being Mexican and La Raza and Mexican flags, and black rats, and grease bags, and wetbacks...I have actually read this kind of crap on line lately and whether the Tancredos believe it or not hispanics can read too.

But hey, they won't mind the wetback cracks, I am sure. The largest minority in the country and they are doing everything they can to alienate them so that they can support a policy that is not even possible to carry out. The Democrats don't have to do anything but keep quiet.