The Daily Kos’ Pyrrhic Victory in Montana

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
An Instapundit reader wrote the following:

“In fairness, Kos won big in the Montana Democratic primary last night. Since the month after the presidential election he had been loudly supporting Jon Tester, a liberal state senator and organic rancher, to challenge Republican Sen. Conrad Burns. The Democratic establishment supported John Morrison, the more moderate state auditor. Morrison was backed by more DC Democratic consultants and led big in early polling. He started to lose ground after a sex scandal, but the last poll on May 28 showed him edging Tester by one point. Last night Tester beat him, and it wasn't even close. It was a 25-point landslide.”
The Republicans in Montana are surely celebrating. Jon Tester is far too liberal to win in the general election. The Daily Kos has apparently once again shown his unwitting ability to harm the the Democratic Party. I see more of this happening in the future. Markos Moulitsas and his angry friends despise the economic themes of Robert Rubin and the so-called Democratic establishment. Are Republicans split regarding illegal immigration? I say that this is a minor conflict in comparison to the irreconcilable differences separating the unabashed leftists (ie., the Wal-Mart bashers) and “mainstream” Democrats. This animosity may not mean much in the blue states. But in the redder ones---it will likely doom the Democrats chances for the foreseeable future.


terrye said...

Well you can not blame them for bragging. They finally won one.

David Thomson said...

Yup, just the Leonardo DiCaprio character in the film "Titanic" who won the ticket for the maiden voyage.