Is the End Near for the Daily Kos?

Monday, June 12, 2006
Byron York writes
the following
“In his remarks introducing Mark Warner in Las Vegas last week, Moulitsas praised Warner for being one of the first to recognize the power of the liberal netroots—for realizing, in Moulitsas’s words, that “maybe we weren’t these far-left extremist wackos that everybody else seems to think we are.” Indeed, many participants in the convention expressed frustration with the way in which bloggers are sometimes portrayed. Yet the remarkable thing is how little scrutiny Moulitsas’s writings have received in major media outlets. Now, after YearlyKos and all the attention that came with it, it seems likely that will change.”
Will added attention to the Daily Kos crowd weaken its influence? Are politicians like the former governor of Virginia Mark Warner, who’s perceived to be a mainstream Democrat, likely to turn their backs on these leftist wackos? The answer to the second question is an unhesitating yes. Red state politicians will quickly learn to stay away from them. Moulitsas’ overt support is turning out to be a political kiss of death. Warner will probably never again attend a public Daily Kos function. Nonetheless, blue state political contenders will continue to rely on Markos Moulitsas’ financial support and campaign assistance. And may God help the naive blue stater who tries to moderate their image. Kos will do everything legally to destroy them. As I’ve predicted previously, the blue states will only get bluer. Needless to add, when it comes to the presidential nominee contest---the Daily Kos will be able to essentially veto any candidate not to his liking. No, Moulitsas isn’t going to disappear into the night. At the very most, he will be more subtle, possibly even disingenuous, when aiding red state Democrat candidates. The Daily Kos is unable to raise millions of dollars. He can, though, raise thousands. That alone will keep him in the game.


terrye said...

During the Civil War Lincoln told a story about a farmer. He said that farmer was chasing a pig and grabbed it by the tail and held on for all he was worth. Someone came along and asked the farmer if he needed help and he said "Help me turn this pig loose." That was how Lincoln felt about the war. And that is how the Democrats are going to feel about Kos if he and his little friends keep acting like idiots.

Knucklehead said...


I suspect Rove and Mehlman think of Kos along the lines of the Three Legged Pig.