A Republican Judge Has Acted in a Moral Manner

Thursday, July 06, 2006
“(Judge) Sparks said DeLay could "withdraw'' from the race under Texas election law, but that still would not allow the Republicans to replace him on the ballot.”


I am not thrilled that U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, a Republican appointee, has decided that Tom DeLay’s name must remain on the ballot. Nonetheless, the man almost certainly based his decision on what he perceives as the right thing to do. And this often separates Republican judges from their Democratic counterparts. The latter seem more committed to the leftist zeitgeist than to the constitution of their respective state. Tom DeLay’s former district is strongly Republican. The odds were in the GOP’s favor. I now believe the Democrats will capture this prize district in November. How many Democratic judges would have ruled in this manner?


chuck said...

I think this might better be called ethics than morality. Morality is more of a personal thing whereas what the judge displayed was professional ethics.

Syl said...

So, if a judge said Delay has to be on the ballot, then what happens if he wins? Can the Democrats then say his win doesn't count?

I mean it IS Texas. Delay could win without lifting a finger if Texans decide they've had enough of the Dems shenanigans.

David Thomson said...

My guess is that Tom DeLay and the GOp establishment will support a conservative independent. This strategy might work in this Republican district. The odds still remain high against the Democratic candidate.