Brendan Miniter needs to drop the proverbial chill pill

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People who tend towards conservative values often seem to enjoy torturing themselves. Mark Foley is a jerk and thankfully he is no longer a member of congress. Still, the sentiments expressed this morning in the Wall Street Journal by Brendan Miniter are utterly stupid:
“No, the blame if Republicans do lose the House in November will rightly fall on the shoulders of members who one way or another didn't see this coming. It's not that Speaker Denny Hastert or anyone else knew specifically that Mr. Foley sent sexually explicit text messages to congressional pages. Unlike in the sex scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church in recent years, there is no indication that any member of Congress papered over known abuses. Rather it's the implication of willful ignorance that will plague the GOP into the most competitive congressional elections the party has faced in the dozen years its controlled the House.”
Let’s get this straight: Denny Hastert was in a no-win situation. As far as we can determine, he had no idea about the sexual explicit instant messages. The e-mails were indeed overly friendly, but nothing more than that. Hastert would have almost certainly been accused of gay bashing if he took further action. The odds are that Democratic insiders were the only ones who knew about the salacious instant messages----and yet, did nothing until five weeks before the election. This incident could honestly be described as a Democratic Party scandal! Why weren’t Democrat politicians interested in protecting the pages last November?

I am convinced that Republicans will definitely vote on election day. The dirty tricks carried out by the Democrats and their allies in the MSM have gone too far. They have backfired. The Republicans should do quite well on election day.

---The Drudge Report also highlights this question:

“Now, what did Democrats know, and when did they know it?”


Jersey McJones said...
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Fresh Air said...

Who the hell was that clown?

terrye said...


What clown? Oh him, his comment met with an unfortunate accident.

I have no idea who will win this election but this is a scandal that should only effect Foley. And he is gone.

Now the same Demcorats who for years told us that all those women who said Clinton was a serial groper were just part of of a right wing conspiracy can get as self righteous as they want, but they should be cleaning their own house.

As for some of the folks on the right who are having a cow about this, well it is just like Dubai or Harriet Miers...they are going off the deep end. Again.

Rick Ballard said...


This is the big one, dontcha know? Ol Fred's finally gonna kick the bucket and the Sorobots are hitting every site they can find to spread the message of cheer.

Hastert just needs to dig up the O'Neill speeches concerning Studds - you remember the ones all the Dems supported that made Studds resign in disgrace.

If that doesn't do it, the Dems are ready to take down every poofter in Congress in order to establish themselves as the Sex Police. They're preparing a plan for the NSA to monitor every Congressman and Senator's email and IM's on a 24/7 basis forever.

They're doing it for the children!!!

Fresh Air said...


That's good news, seeing as how there are a whole lot more poofters on the left side of the aisle than the right.

David Thomson said...

"Hastert just needs to dig up the O'Neill speeches concerning Studds - you remember the ones all the Dems supported that made Studds resign in disgrace."

Yup, how does that old saw go?: let sleeping dogs lie. The initial response of the American public over the Foley fiasco was detrimental to the Republicans. But now people have had some time to thing about the matter. This should scare the Democrats! Why didn’t they blow whistle last November? Were they presumably willing to allow a few pages to be sexual victims? It sure appears that way. No, when everything is said and done---the Foley incident helps the Republicans on election day.

terrye said...

I am disgusted with the Washtington Times and people on the right going after hastert. I mean come on, if Hastert goes it will only make it worse, not better.

David Thomson said...

"I am disgusted with the Washtington Times and people on the right going after hastert."

Mark Levin and I strongly beliieve that the Washington Times editorial is unjustified. There is no evidence that Hastert knew about the salacious instant messages. He would have been accused of gay bashing had he previously pushed the issue. No, the real question revolves around the timing of this revelation. Did the Democrats sacrifice the current pages for purposes of political expediency?