Does Mark Warner see the handwriting on the wall?

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Most people are probably aware of Mark Warner’s announcement that he is no longer interested in competing for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2008. The former governor of Virginia is claiming that he wants to spend more time with his family. Alas, I shall pretend that I’m a qualified psychiatrist able to discern his subconscious motivations. Mark Warner senses that the Democrats are going to do poorly in next month’s elections. Everything is then going to get a lot uglier. The viciousness will dramatically increase. Anyone who dares go after the grand prize will endure much vilification and even downright hatred. And finally, the so-called winner will be slaughtered by the Republican nominee. Would you willingly subject yourself to this sort of abuse when you have so little chance of being victorious? This country is thankfully becoming more Republican. The Democrats are too crazy and cannot be trusted with power during these dangerous times. Mark Warner is better off staying out of harm’s way. Let Hillary Clinton play the role of sucker.


Fresh Air said...

Not to mention it costs a sh*tload of money, and a lot of it would come from him.

terrye said...

I don't think he wanted to go up against Hillary.

They seem to be awfulsure they are going to kick ass in November, is that all bravado?

Rick Ballard said...

"is that all bravado?"

No. Only about 98%.

The big advertising blitz starts next week and that may change things, depending on message and candidate quality, but right now only Santorum and Chafee are in serious trouble. Right now there are six-eight House seats that aren't polling well for the Reps and three Dem seats that look a little weak.

David Thomson said...

"The big advertising blitz starts next week and that may change things.."

The Republicans should have far more money than the Democrats. This advertising boom will put the final nail into the Democrats' coffin. Also, the Dow is about to break 12,000 and gasoline prices are still dropping---and the mad man in North Korea reminds everyone that the real world is still out there.

"Not to mention it costs a sh*tload of money, and a lot of it would come from him."

Mark Warner is a wealthy man---but he does not have $40,000,000 to throw at the presidential nominee contest. This is what Hillary Clinton reportedly already has in the bank! She should easily blow her competitors out of the water.

Pastorius said...

Maybe Mark Warner has a Foleyesque problem. If anyone would know, it would be the Clintons.