"Mainstream" Democrats are disingenous pacifists

Monday, November 13, 2006
Democratic pollster Pat Caddell argues that the American people were upset with the Bush administration's handling of Iraq. Nonetheless, they do not want us to lose the war. The majority can even be persuaded to send more troops to Iraq! I am convinced that “mainstream” Democrats are disingenuous pacifists. They will do everything to hide the truth, but at the end of the day---these Democrats are the heirs of George McGovern. Will many of Tuesday’s voters soon endure a bad case of “buyers remorse?” Are they similar to the guy who bought a piece of junk from the slick salesman at the used car lot? Stay tuned. The honeymoon might not last even to the end of the week.


loner said...

Caddell and Morris should team up and take an act on the road. I don't doubt that they'd attract an audiance. Such are the times in which we live.

What honeymoon?

Syl said...

I'm a bit more optimistic. Hoyer will win over Murtha. I've heard that Murtha's vote ceiling is 75.

The Democrats read the polls and Michelle (I didn't read her, just saw a quote) showed a poll where about 2/3rds of the country is worried the Democrats will be too quick to pull troops out of Iraq.

We'll see.

David Thomson said...

There are also two other wild cards in the deck. Joe Lieberman and James Webb may really shake up the Democratic Party establishment. It may be a blessing in disguise that George Allen lost his reelection bid. Have I been exaggerating the extent of the disingenuous pacifist take over the Democrats? We will probably find out before the beginning of December.

vnjagvet said...

I agree with David regarding Lieberman and Webb.

Politically, I have been looking for some heft from strong Democrats on defense and military issues. These two seem to be a good start in that direction.

terrye said...

Not all Democrats are alike. I think the interesting thing will be the effect the new Democrats have on the old.

Ellsworth who won here in Indiana has been a sheriff for years. He is not some whiney ass little pacifist.

David Thomson said...

There is a decent chance that the Daily Kos Kids will be enraged by the results of last week's election. They are likely taking for granted that those Democrats running as conservatives were merely conning the rubes. What happens if they are wrong?

CF said...

That's what the survey of voters published in Reuters yesterday said.
I agree with the Lieberman-Webb assessment..and I think some Dems in the House like Harman and Hoyer may also stand up to the plate.

Pelosi has made one terrible move on Murtha--let's see how long it takes for the Dems to implode.

Rick Ballard said...

The Beast of Chappaqua never rests. I think of her as Medusa but with baselisks rather than serpents for hair. I'm sure she'll make her wishes known soon.

loner said...

Nice to see most things back to normal.

David Thomson said...

John Murtha is finished. CREW has already come out against him. If nothing else, Murtha is considered a serious liability in 2008. His past financial shenanigans cannot be ignored by the MSM.

lurker said...

A democrat implosion just may be the greatest thing in today's dangerous times.

Sweetness & Lightness report that the Arab countries are now providing financial aid to Hamas because the recent UN resolution failed to pass.

Ya think the democrats will resume the financial aid to Hamas in a few short months?

lurker said...

Confederate Yankee has an excellent letter that we can email to our President Bush.

Syl said...

The Democrats won't implode, the nutroots will.

Listen carefully to what Levin said today. At first glance it seems he's calling for troop withdrawal in four to six months. But he's not. He's advocating sending a message to the Iraqi govt that we won't be there forever and for them to step up to the plate. The timeframe is for when and if the Whitehouse makes such a statement.

The difference between what Levin says now and what he's said before is that now the Dems are responsible for policy statements, according to, I think it was, Kondrake.

The moonbats still haven't figured this out. Some of the lefty pipsqueaks invading the threads over at JOM believe we're leaving Iraq now. :)

lurker said...

What if the democrats set a timeframe but Iraq is unable to step up to the plate? What will the democrats do in this case? What do you think?

Amazing how the serious posters are coming over here to get away from those pipsqueaks.

terrye said...


I wondered about that too.

terrye said...


I think that if you really look at the statement Levin is being a politician. He is talking about looking at beginning some troop withdrawals in 4 to 6 months. When the time comes, they can just keep kicking it down the road.

lurker said...

Moving the goalpost, terrye?

vnjagvet said...

The difference between kvetching and leading is extreme.

Many on the Dem side are extraordinary in the kvetching role; not so good in leading.

But now, they're in the pond whether they like it or not. They will no longer be judged on their words, but in their actions. And the threat of another 9/11 continues unabated. That threat will not go away until alqueda, hezbollah, hamas, and other loosely afiliated jihadists are brought under the rule of law.

This type of warfare is clearly not new. As recently as 130 years ago it was going on with a vengeance in most areas in this country west of the Mississippi. The battle of Little Big Horn took place in 1876. 258 7th Cavalry troopers dead in a one day battle. In the entire Iraq war, we have never lost that many troops in one day.

It took twenty more years to pacify the west. Arizona was not made a state until 1912, the year my dad was born and the Titanic sank.

Terrye speaks with passion about her grandfather who was right in the middle of all of this. It really is not a long time ago.

This is not Vietnam; Vietnamese never once came close to attacking us.

terrye said...


yes My grandfather used to carry a 22 to the field in case of "desparadoes" as he called them.

And how many of the oputlaws in the Wild West found their beginnings in the defeat of the Confederacy in the Civil War?