He's baaaaack

Thursday, February 01, 2007
Fellow Yargbians--as some of you may have noted I have been posting some comments on other blogs--I have been on a rather long journey for the last year that included, inter alia, a marriage dissolution, a recurrence of my prostate cancer, a move from the pacific NW to Memphis Tennessee where I am now working as a catastrophic planner for the Central US Earthquake Consortium, and am, in general, back in circulation.

But what would life be if it werent interesting!

It's the pits being an epidemiologist, because I know the 10 year odds of survival post op from prostate cancer--yuck. I am reminded of Samuel Johnson's aphorism about focusing attention when one is to be hanged in a fortnite. Bottom line: you can expect some gallows humor from me.

Memphis is wonderful: low cost of living, housing prices to die for (just bought a house in a good neighborhood for 136K), BBQ and catfish--the cholesterol capital of south, and the TVA--I mean, as soon as I relearn how to speak southern I will be back in business.

Anyway: look forward to getting back into blogging and now can address earthquake preparedness in the Central US--Who Knew!




Barry Dauphin said...

Hi RogerA

What a year! Great to have you back where you belong. Best wishes for prolonged health.

Skookumchuk said...


You watch out for New Madrid, now.

terrye said...


I hope the next year is better and it is good to have you back.

Take care.

charlotte said...

Health and much happiness to you! Life transitions, earth catastrophes- piece of cake. Really.

Btw, southern's easy, or it wouldn't be southern. Hope you enjoy the warm and hospitable climes, Roger, and the Memphis blues, of course!

Syl said...

Welcome back! Glad that year's over...only up from now on!

Yeah, New Madrid. :( Much much more likely in our lifetime than Yellowstone.

But you're on the case!

Rick Ballard said...

Welcome back Roger!

From avian flu to earthquakes - quite a portfolio.

vnjagvet said...

Welcome back, RA.

Glad a bad one is behind you and that your sense of humor is intact.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Excellent to see you again! Sorry about the bad times, here's to lots of good times ahead.

David Thomson said...

Have you seen Elvis Presley at your corner Burger King? You are now a red stater---and more deserving of God's love than when you lived in the blue state of Washington. Those people are doomed to the everlasting flames of hell. Take care.

Fresh Air said...

Take heart, Roger. When it comes to statistics, I prefer to defer to the estimable pro golfer and statistician Hubie Green, who once said, "Ninety percent of all putts you leave short don't go in."

Seneca the Younger said...

Glad to hear you're back. Don't go making any plans for your next incarnation, though, as there are some new prostate cancer treatments on the horizon with much higher success rates.

And don't let the New Madrid fault shake you.

(PS. The Rendezvous. Dry-rub lamb. Just saying. Oh, and the ducks at the Peabody are endlessly amusing.)

Morgan said...

Good to have you back. As a fellow citizen of the weirdest fault line in the world (a 9.0 smack in the middle of the plate? C'mon), I welcome your professional efforts, as well as your blogging ones.

Finally, a pronounceable verification word: opokla. Sounds delicious. Bet they serve it in Memphis.

brylun said...

Roger, Good to have you back. Best wishes!