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"I think it's time for the Democrats to talk about reconciliation!!! "

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
All this crap because of a lost election
In Legal Insurrection's live chat about the Wisconsin recall election a commenter named Jim Temple posted the following, "I think it's time for the Democrats to talk about reconciliation!!!"

Mr. Temple is entirely correct in that sentiment. 

There is nothing wrong with fighting the good fight, but this was not a good fight: Democratic Senators precipitated a crisis by fleeing the State instead of accepting election results and doing their job; the Capital building was mobbed for days on end; teachers closed schools by skipping classes to protest; doctors filled out fraudulent excuse slips to protect protesting union members; the Union's threats and intimidation were disgusting; transparently partisan court decisions were issued from the Madison Circuit Court; and finally, enormous amounts of money was wasted on a recall over policy rather than malfeasance.

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken again, and they deserve humility from the Democrats, and an acknowledgement that the election results are legitimate, rather than more spin, more whining and more ill behavior.

On Wisconsin

Thursday, July 07, 2011
I was on vacation and I missed the opportunity to comment in a timely manner about the rumored brawl between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley. As you may recall one of the following happened:

  1. The liberal Walsh charged the conservative Prosser with upraised fists.
  2. The conservative Prosser tried to strangle the liberal Walsh
  3. Both A & B of the above
  4. None of the above

After following current Wisconsin politics I pick C, but who knows the correct answer. Meanwhile, as the circumstances of the judicial brawl get sorted out, Wisconsin is moving on to the next phase of its political insanity -- the recall elections.  

William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is introduces the recall elections in his post Wisconsin isn’t over. In it he discusses the state of fund-raising for the recalls, and the post also has the schedule for the recall elections:

July 12 Democratic primaries
• Dist. 8 (incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling): Gladys Huber vs. Sandra Pasch
• Dist. 10 (incumbent Sen. Sheila Harsdorf): Shelly Moore vs. Isaac Weix
• Dist. 14 (incumbent Sen. Luther Olsen): Rol Church vs. Fred Clark
• Dist. 18 (incumbent Sen. Randy Hopper): Jessica King vs. John Buckstaff
• Dist. 32 (incumbent Sen. Dan Kapanke): James Smith vs. Jennifer Shilling
Winners will face incumbent Republicans on Aug. 9

July 19 Republican primaries
• Dist. 12 (incumbent Sen. Jim Holperin): Robert Lussow vs. Kim Simac
• Dist. 22 (incumbent Sen. Robert Wirch): Fred Ekornaas vs. Jonathan Steitz
Winners will face incumbent Democrats on Aug. 16

It is rather baffling why they don't have the elections for both the Democrats and the Republicans on the same days, but then one remembers this is Wisconsin we're talking about. Of course, scheduling them on separate days -- aside from probably costing more money -- means that they can receive dodgy and inconsistent local media coverage and the unionistas will be able to concentrate their forces more efficiently. What could go wrong?

At any rate, as I said in a comment over there, "I fear the sort of Democratic frenzy we’re seeing in Wisconsin may go national. They don’t know how to be the minority party. Hopefully that lack of grace will keep them in the minority for some time. It is not a pleasant sight."

Students get slapped with detention slips in Madison

Monday, March 14, 2011
Via Gateway Pundit the site is reporting that the Madison School board reached an agreement with Madison Teachers Inc regarding make-up time for the 4 days schools were closed due to the teachers calling in sick to attend the protests. 

They're adding up to 20 minutes each day for the rest of the year to make up for the lost school days. From the article:
"The School Board reached an agreement with Madison Teachers Inc. over the weekend that allowed the district to set the makeup calendar. The agreement also ensures teachers with unexcused absences will not be paid for those days and that teachers who submitted fraudulent sick notes will be suspended.

The district has not yet released the number of teachers that missed school to work those days. The district received more than 1,000 sick notes, including some from doctors who were handing them out at the Capitol protests, assistant legal counsel Matt Bell said."
Sounds like detention to me. I wonder if the kids are now happy that they got the days off so the teachers could drag them to protests where they could listen to simple-minded drumming, admire hand crafted protest signs, learn how diabolical the Koch brothers are and chant, "this is what democracy looks like" all day long? 

In other fall out from the bill, one of the reason collective bargaining was limited was that the Teachers Union often bound districts to WEA Trust, the controversial Union-ran health insurance provider for teachers. Along with being rather expensive, it is another cash cow for Unions because WEA Trust kicks back millions of dollars to the Union under the guise of 'consulting' fees.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Cedarburg School Board is looking to switch from WEA Trust to a cheaper carrier as a cost savings measure. Other school boards are expected to do the same.

Finally, although Doug La Follette, the Democrat Secretary of State, is holding of publishing the bill as long as legally possible (primarily to extend collective bargaining time for some school districts), he will have to publish it by the end of March. This means that early in April there will be Do-or-die Union Votes to determine if the Unions are decertified. To survive the Unions will need to get 51% of the total Union membership (not just of the votes cast) to vote for the Unions. Of course, the dues will also stop being automatically deducted from the workers' paychecks at that time.

As I said in my last post, that's the first vote -- predating any recall elections by months -- that Walker's bill is going to face. Further, it is a vote that is limited to the Union people who are supposedly his biggest foes. If that vote leads to Unions losing their certification, and significant amount of cash from dues, then it will be another resounding defeat for the Unionistas. They may discover they don't have near the votes they hope they have for the recalls.

While we were gone, democracy failed in so many ways

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"While we were gone, democracy failed in so many ways,"
said Sen. Lena Taylor.

The 14 Democratic Senators have returned to Wisconsin. Above is my favorite quote from the linked article. The absurdity of it is breath taking in its oblivious irony.

First the Democrats got clobbered in the election, losing both houses of the state legislature and the Governor's office. Then they got clobbered when the Budget Repair bill got passed in spite of their maneuvering.

Now they've returned to Madison for the Michael Moore called protests and they're circling the Capitol Building like conquering heroes. Apparently, in defense of democracy, they next plan on transitioning into campaign mode for the recall election.

However, prior to any recalls, the first vote that will be held will be the number of current Union members who don't send in their checks to cover Union dues. I suspect they'll find scant comfort in the count of those numbers.

Shooting yourself in the foot

Friday, February 18, 2011
The situation is Wisconsin has spun itself into an extraordinary story. We all know the outline of it - Governor Walker proposed his Budget Repair Bill which included limits to the State's Public Unions collective bargaining, as well as requiring them to pay for a percentage of their health and retirement plans.

The Teacher's Union responded by organizing their teachers to call in sick, which forced the closing of several schools in the process, so the teachers could engage in a boisterous protest in the capital. Naturally, the teachers positioned themselves as acting for the good of the students. This tactic, which may be an illegal strike under Wisconsin law, angered many Wisconsinites who saw it as little more than ignoring their students welfare over union politics.

Meanwhile, to prevent a vote on the bill by denying a quorum, all 18 Democratic Senators fled across the border into Illinois. Apparently it never occurred to the dimwits that the Illinois Tea Party would track them down, but track them down they did. So we now know they hid out in the Clocktower Resort with its attached Hooteresque Tilted Kilt restaurant and bar. Smooth move guys and gals, you now have recall petitions circulating because the voters are so fed up with your abdication of your responsibilities.

Further, and to the point of this post, Obama waded into this mess today defending the unions.

A few days earlier he had submitted his budget proposal to Congress. Many saw this as partially a tactical move prior to the upcoming vote to raise the Nation's debt ceiling. The Republicans have signaled they're not going to raise it, and that further they plan on trimming $100 billion from the remainder of this year's budget. The Democrats have been making noises that they think if they force a confrontation and a resulting Government shut-down they hang the blame on the Republicans.

Which makes their moves in Wisconsin baffling. When the 18 Wisconsin Senators crossed the state line they made it clear that they were forcing a shut-down of  Wisconsin's legislature. Has it not occurred to them that the perception of them being intransigent is going to carry through to a shut-down of the  National Governmental ?

It seems to me that for little gain, in a State level fight they're bound to lose anyways, they've fumbled away a lot of leverage in the upcoming budget fight on the national stage. I don't think they quite thought this through as much as they should have -- in Wisconsin they've painted themselves as the Party of Obstruction with indelible ink.   

BTW, the picture is from a photoshop contest at FreakingNews.