Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Most Important Blogs

Dymphna's thoughtful post at Gates of Vienna about the evolution of blogs got me thinking. How would we determine which blogs are important? Which are the opinion leaders? Do we just measure number of hits? number of unique hits? Shortly thereafter mulling this question, an old synapse connecting my last few grey cells fired.

When I was working on interlocking board of director memberships in art organizations and other cultural organizations, I ran across a metric called the "centrality index". In short, it is an algorithm to look at a social network and determine the important nodes in that network. The process is described in reasonably lay terms here. Perhaps our mathematicians could look at it and see if it is relevant--My impression is that it would be a relatively simple research project to undertake.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

Sound interesting. What's my charge number?

chuck said...

I have seen such illustrations of the linux kernel developer community. You could see Linus at the center, with another large nexus for Alan Cox. OK, it was outdated even at the time. Anyway, it was presented by a group from Los Alamos who apparently concern themselves with such things. I believe it is a hot topic of research these days. I would be very surprised if the military and intelligence communities weren't making heavy use of such techniques. Especially when encryption means the network of messages is more visible than the content.