Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Special Prosecutor Haiku

Fitzgerald indicts

Fitzgerald doesn't indict

MSM explodes

Hmmmm--the insider mania has reached such a fever pitch that the MSM forgot to really bludgeon the Administration with the two thousandth death in Iraq. There was, I recall as I recall, an earthquake in Pakistan that killed nearly 50,000 people, a new fed chairman appointed (probably a Bush crony) and a hurricane in Florida--but the big news consists of parsing leaks of leaks of opinion speculation and breathless stories of Judy Miller. Is this a great country or what. Are we being well served by our media or what.


terrye said...

They are doing what they do best...acting like a bunch of hysterical teenage girls at a slumber party.

BTW, the death toll in Pakistan and Kashmir is up to 80,000 but I don't blame you for not knowing, after who cares? The imprtant thing is will the dollar collapse if Rove is incdicted?

Will life go on????

I have seen far worse scandals than this and while the media can try to turn this into a whistleblower trying in vain to save the lives of thousands of innocents while evil men take revenge story...what it comes down to is another story about the media. They just can't get out of their own damn way.

I think it would be funny as hell if no one was indicted and they were left standing there with their hands in their a manner of speaking.

Syl said...

Atually it would be better if they were left standing there without their pants!

Charlie Martin said...


terrye said...


I dunno. Chris Matthews without pants is a spooky thought.