Friday, December 30, 2005

Robert Wright Fails to Understand the Enemy

I am a frequent visitor to hosted by Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus. These gentlemen may best be described as neo-liberals. They are often wrong, but still worth listening to:

Robert Wright predicts the possibility that Hamas may recognize the existence of Israel in 2006. He argues that the leadership of this terrorist organization ultimately desires to help the Palestinians live a better life. This is, of course, a rational way of looking at things. Common sense dictates that indeed the Palestinians only hope for an improving living standard is to get along with the Israelis. Alas, Wright fails to realize that nihilism primarily motivates these thugs. They are true believers who only desire death and destruction. A mundane life of driving the kids to school and cutting the grass is not to their liking. Only violence satisfies their existential yearnings. This side of the grave is a burden to endure. Death is the true goal. Even the destruction of Israel would not be enough. They would immediately begin murdering those around them who are perceived as insufficiently pure. But aren’t Wright’s remarks directly solely at the long enduring Israeli-Palestinian conflict? It doesn’t matter in the least. Nihilism underpins the Islamism movement throughout the world.

The well meaning Mr. Wright represents the naive mainstream of today’s Democratic Party. They truly do believe that the terrorists merely need a little love and understanding. A few kind words and acknowledgment of their alleged legitimate grievances will turn them around. This is why Bob Wright and his friends must be defeated at the ballot box. They can eventually get us all killed.

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truepeers said...

Is that Robert Wright the sociobiologist? If so, don't expect him to have his head around nihilism - it's not sociobiological in nature.