Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Daily Kos: Is Karl Rove slipping him a few bucks under the table?

Markos Moulitsas, aka the Daily Kos, attacked Hillary Clinton this morning in the Washington Post:

“Hillary Clinton leads her Democratic rivals in the polls and in fundraising. Unfortunately, however, the New York senator is part of a failed Democratic Party establishment -- led by her husband -- that enabled the George W. Bush presidency and the Republican majorities, and all the havoc they have wreaked at home and abroad.”

“(Bill) Clinton's third way failed miserably. It killed off the Jesse Jackson wing of the Democratic Party and, despite its undivided control of the party apparatus, delivered nothing. Nothing, that is, except the loss of Congress, the perpetuation of the muddled Democratic "message," a demoralized and moribund party base, and electoral defeats in 2000, 2002 and 2004.”

The Daily Kos relentlessly continues to severely damage the Democratic Party establishment. He still believes Howard Dean to be a centrist candidate! Jesse Jackson should be considered a serious man? A cynic with a sense of humor must wonder if Karl Rove is bribing the Daily Kos. Are they possibly the best of buddies? Markos Moulitsas and his radical friends cannot be effectively marginalized. This is virtually impossible in the age of the Internet. The young man can easily raise enough money to remain a serious player. This is great news for the Republicans. With enemies like the Daily Kos, who need any friends?


Barry Dauphin said...

Maybe he's been drinking the green scorpion whiskey.

Unknown said...


I wonder about a lot of these socalled spokespeople from both sides of the divide.

In fact I have wondered if Soros is paying Malkin.

Maybe both are true, Kos is working for Rove and Malkin/Coulter are working for Soros. Both extremes seem intent upon reinforcing stereotypes and damaging leadership.

Christopher King said...

Ditto to Terrye: