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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Does Obama scare al-Qaida?

Switching to the WSJ?

Nearly as hard as diamond, slipperier than teflon.

Russian paranoia runs rampant.

Does time exist?

The great British prostitution debate.

Movies of atoms in motion.

Free plane tickets for the Canadian obese.

We sleep to forget.

China steps up its computer espionage attacks on the US military.


chuck said...

Does time exist?

I see that Lee Smolin is still running his left wing propaganda mill while he searches for a deconstructed physics to match the accomplishments of the literature departments. Someday he might even do some physics, but I doubt it. Anyone that much in hock to Kuhn isn't likely to go anywhere.

Really, you just have to read the headline to guess who generated it.

Walker Morrow said...

Umm...this might sound a bit odd, but I was wondering if I could become a contributor to Flares Into Darkness?

I run my own blog, over at The Blog of Walker, and I think I would enjoy contributing to this one as well. If you're not accepting new contributors, that's fine, but I just thought I'd ask.

Walker Morrow said...

By the by, if time does not exist, then science could not exist, could it? Becuase if time did not exist, then there would be no past precedent against which experiments could be compared. And if there were no time, and consequently no science, then there would be no physics, and therefore the concept could not exist that time is not real.