A Chistmas Mystery

Thursday, December 24, 2009
First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my fellow Yargbees and our readers.

Now, on to the mystery... my wife and I gave our son the statue pictured to the right as Christmas gift (as you can tell, nothing is too good for our boy).

It is a pig, with an apple on a little spring suspended above its back. It has a banner draped over it on which the following is written, "Make us one people united in praising you."

What that is all supposed to mean we don't know, nor does anybody we've shown it to have the slightest idea what it is about.

Does anybody out there have a notion or theory as to what it might mean?


Rockeye said...

This person might have an idea.


ambisinistral said...


Thanks! Yup, it's the same Pig Idol, but minus the floating apple.

It looks like it was posted by a young woman in Northern California, which means -- since I'm in Florida -- that these mysterious Pig Idols are nationwide.

I asked her, or at least somebody with a similar Facebook screen name, to drop by and post any details she might have about her sighting.

Hopefully she can shed some more light on the Pig Idol mystery.

Krista said...

So I took the pig picture I have posted on my twitter, it had a little hole where the apple should have been, but we had no idea what was supposed to go there. It was purchased by a friend of mine for our teacher's birthday. I think she found it at a Walgreen's or Long's or something. About September. I googled it at the time and found that the saying is a piece of a Lutheran prayer. The place that manufactures the pig also makes all kinds of weird stuff, they have a website but you have to look at the bottom of the pig to find what the company is called. The randomness of the pig, its saying, and its scale cracked us up for about an hour. Hope this helps. -KS

ambisinistral said...


Thanks for dropping by with the information you knew about the mysterious Pig Idols. They are silly things, aren't they?

I'll have to email junior to get the name of the company off of the base of the thing. we'll track this further.

Fen_Star said...

I found one at a bealls outlet in GA. They were 95% off.

ambisinistral said...


I checked with Junior and their was no company name on the bottom of his. If you bought the one you saw does it have a company name on it?

Krista said...

I'll have to check with a teacher, it's actually his pig...