Life and Death in the Late Cretaceous

Sunday, March 28, 2010
67 million years ago a snake coiled in a nest of dinosaur eggs and ate the babies as they hatched. A landslide buried the scene and time and conditions fossilized it.

The discovery and identification is described in a Wired Science article:

"Geologist Dhanajay Mohabey of the Indian Geological Survey first unearthed the fossil 26 years ago in a rocky, limestone outcropping in the northwestern Indian village of Dholi Dungri. He thought all the bones at the site were those of dinosaur hatchlings.

But in 2001, University of Michigan paleontologist Jeff Wilson, took a second look at the fossils. The team then recognized they had actually found a snake coiled around a broken egg, with a hatchling and two other eggs nearby."


Knucklehead said...

I enjoyed reading about the fossil of a snake eating titanosaur hatchlings much more than I should have.

Anonymous said...
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