Saturday, December 23, 2017

How long will this vile custom last?

The Mistletoe Bough by Francis Wheatley
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Above is Francis Wheatley's painting The Mistletoe Bough. It depicts the old holiday tradition of stealing a kiss under a sprig of mistletoe. You can read about the history of mistletoe and how the tradition came about at  Maidens and Manuscripts' post Why do We Kiss Under the Mistletoe?

Considering the recent news of sexual coercion, and the ever expanding #MeToo business, I suspect that eventually in some circles simple flirtation may get swept up in the new Victorianism. I wonder if the mistletoe will survive? Or will it be as scandalous as showing an ankle?

Meanwhile, a poem:

Pick a berry off the mistletoe
For every kiss that’s given.
When the berries have all gone
There’s an end to kissing.

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