Sunday, June 01, 2008

According to ALGORE, I Am A "Democratic activist" -- Aren't We All?

Yesterday, I received a "personal letter" from that Guru of Gaia, ALGORE. He was cadging funds from the faithful. I guess my Democratic roots of the late '70s and early '80s(I was a volunteer for the Small Business Committee of the DNC) have not been clipped yet.

In any event, our Guru lectures me, among other things, in his usual understated prose:

After stampeding our country to war with Iraq on fabricated evidence, George Bush allowed a terrible mistake to become an even more terrible catastrophe through lack of leadership----and five years later we are still no closer to an honorable solution.

The "Bush Tax Cuts" trumpeted as a cure-all for our economy have drained our treasury and weakened our dollar--- even as home foreclosures for middle-class Americans soar along with our federal deficit.

George Bush, Dick Cheney and their backers in the Senate have fought endlessly to avoid making the hard choices necessary to address global warming --- and have increased our dependence on foreign oil and dirty coal.

The simple truth is we must not only win the White House, we must defeat those senators who have done almost as much damage as George Bush and Dick Cheney. They have been enablers for the administration. They have even turned a blind eye to torture and warrantless wiretapping of American Citizens

I guess it's time for me to form Democrats For Republicans. I just love the status quo, and I hate change.

Besides, no one could be more evil than Bush and Cheney. And we're getting rid of them in January. It is a sure thing.


Terri said...

I would join your Democrats for Republicans group!

vnjagvet said...

Consider yourself signed up, Terri.

OMMAG said...

Great proposal!