Friday, June 06, 2008

Susan Estrich Channels Flares

Money quote:

Hillary as a Third Party Candidate?
By Susan Estrich

Say it ain't so Joe. I mean, Hillary.

I don't believe it. But my friends in Obama-land, the place where all good Democrats are, or are heading to, are worried.

The concern is that Hillary could take a page from the book of one Joe Lieberman, once and former good Democrat, and decide that having lost out on his party's nomination to someone he couldn't see winning a general election, the better option (for him) was to run himself in the fall. Which he did. And won. Beating the liberal Democrat who had beaten him in the primary.

Of course, in Lieberman's case, it was his senate seat, which had been his for some time, in a state where he'd been winning for some time, in a contest where the fate of the Supreme Court, the federal courts, the environment, the right to choose, and a few other things like that didn't hang in the balance.

Could Hillary be planning to run as a third party candidate, to try to find the space between McCain and Obama, and fill it, and do what no one has done before at the national level?

Her answer:



Barry Dauphin said...

Estrich just needs to put out x number of columns every month. She doesn't really have very many ideas. So sometimes she just makes stuff up. Sometimes as red meat for Republicans. Hey if it sells. (Although I don't think she sells much in all honesty).

The only way Hillary would run is if something came out on Obama that hasn't come out thufar. However, it must be remembered that she had trouble raising money in the later stages of the primaries. You need very big bucks for a national campaign. Marc Rich can only contribute so much.

vnjagvet said...

Yeah, Barry. Only Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 came at all close. Media buys weren't necessary then.

Just get on the back of the train with your bullhorn and shake your fist.

Bully. I say Bully.

Barry Dauphin said...

Just get on the back of the train with your bullhorn and shake your fist.

She does have a bullsh*t horn. His name is Bill.