Monday, June 01, 2009
Way back at the end of November, 2005, I put up a post here at Flares titled "The Captain and The Sarge - Carpetbaggers".  It was about a memorial I'd discovered while out walking in Malmo, Sweden.

There reason I mention it now is that the daughter I was out strolling with that fine day is once again in Malmo, this time for an extended stay.  She'd come upon the memorial again and makes a point of going to see it with anyone she strolls with but had forgotten the story behind it.  So I went and searched out this post to send her so she'd know the story.

It turns out that nearly three years after that post had long since been forgotten a friend of one of the widows of the crew somehow found it and was kind enough to leave the link to Flygmonumentet vid Anten.  I just discovered this today and thought some of you may enjoy it.   Be sure to click the "In English" link at the bottom and wander around.  More info there than I was able to provide.  And mystery.