Madness to their method

Monday, October 11, 2010
It may be my imagination, but the Democrats' national campaign sure appears to have gone off the rails.

Colbert's appearance before a Congressional Committee was baffling. First off, why would they think that anybody would believe that he had anything to offer to the immigration debate? Secondly, could they not anticipate how unserious they would look giving a comedian their hearing as a stage?

Since then Obama has spent an inordinate amount of time on college campuses. Yea, that's part of their base and he's polling bad, but at some point don't they feel they have to defend their record instead of making jokes about Republicans drinking slurpees after they drove that car off of the road? Do they think nobody notices their darting and weaving?

And the planned MTV appearance... do they really think hiding the President in the manufactured 'coolness' of MTV is not going to look silly? They would be better off releasing pictures of him playing golf then putting him in that venue at this point of the fall campaign.

Finally, the Colbert and Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" vs "March to Keep Fear Alive" stunts the weekend before the election. Ka-boing! Obama is spending his time trying to hector youth into voting and the last image they're going to get before the polls open is some sort of ironic mockery of rallies. Eh, what good is that supposed to do the Dems? 

What are they thinking?


Barry Dauphin said...

The Colbert appearance should have been deeply embarassing to the Dems. Did no one do a Breathalizer on the chairperson for allowing that to happen? In many ways that appearance was emblematic of everything else. Unserious to the max.

Knucklehead said...

They are thinking swarms of stormtrooperish minorities and students. They are thinking Mao and Cultural Revolution. They are thinking union thugs cracking heads.

This will end well. There will be tears. This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

ambisinistral said...


I think they would have liked to do that, but I think it is a forlorn hope for them at this time.

I imagine they were figuring they could use their anticipated popularity, along with ACORN hi-jinx, to juke the election. In their plan, with the redistricting coming up, that would have assured them control for a good long time.

In that scenario some election losses would have been no big thing (probably why some Dems voted against their interest) because, like Europe with its Brussels, the Dems would have had bureaucratic appointments to keep them all with a finger in the pie.

I don't see that now. ACORN has been damaged (although they'll still try), the election is spinning out of control for them on all levels, the young folks are losing interest, SEIU are not Teamsters.

Thank God Obama is no politician. A defter hand might have pulled it off, but I think he blew it big time. I also don't think he has the temperament to handle two years of congressional hearings along with hard and steady push back. Heck, the rats are already abandoning ship on him.

Jewel said...

They long ago substituted language with feelings. They controlled and manipulated people through inducing guilt. Theirs is a bankrupt language, bereft of meaning, and now is smoldering only upon fear, panic and rage.
But like the curtain opening to expose the fraud that is the Great and Mighty Oz, they plead for us to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
They will lose the election, because they lost the people and the language. All they have is jabberwocky.

ambisinistral said...


Yea... they seem to spend more time polishing their precious narratives than trying to figure out what is actually go on around them.

That tendency can lead them into a lot of cul de sacs.

Knucklehead said...

Of course I meant, "This will NOT end well."

Knucklehead said...


"Polishing their precious narratives."

That may be the most perfectly descriptive phrase I've ever heard for the "liberals" among us who are otherwise intelligent people. They are not the least bit interested in what is actually happening around them. They are only interested in believing what they believe. It would be fascinating if it weren't so sadly dangerous and destructive.