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Monday, November 15, 2010
While my contributions are nearly insignificant I do try to contribute some small amount of money to be used for the benefit of our troops and veterans. For the past few years I've done that through Wounded Warriors Project and Soldiers' Angels.

Unfortunately these charities are not highly rated by Military Money Matters Veterans Charities Ratings - both received a "D" grade. Charity Navigator rates Wounded Warriors Project at only 48.66 (presumably out of 100) - apparently because nearly 86% of their fundraising is consumed in costs. They rate Soldiers' Angels at 50.85.

Are any of our readers familiar with these charities enough to either defend or condemn them? Do you have any service member and/or veterans charities you KNOW to be top notch?


Sissy Willis said...

I've often contributed to those two as well. Disappointing to hear pf those ratings. If you twitter, you might want to contact Soldiers Angels directly for a statement


Knucklehead said...

I may be a twit but I don't twitter ;)

I'll try another organization for upcoming Thanksgiving. Memorial and Veterans Days are already in the books.

Anonymous said...

That link leads to a 2007 report from AIP. That was a one man operation that at the time seemed to be upset that the Angel Store was selling combat boots. SA did issue a statement at the time. For current information about Wounded Warrios I would contact the blog Blackfive, I think some of the writers there are involved with that group.