Japanese pre-1915 prints

Sunday, January 13, 2013
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The Library of congress has a large collection they've posted online. Part of it is their catalog of pre-1915 Japanese prints. These, and the ones that follow after the jump, are just a small sampling of what they offer. Many more are at their Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915 pages.


raven said...

Japanese woodblock prints had a real change around 1920 or so- the art deco influence that saw widespread European use of Japanese motifs also saw a rich flowing in Japan- Fussy, overly detailed art work became much more simplified and streamlined. Look at prints from Hiroshi Yoshida or Kawase Yasui and compare to earlier works by Hiroshige, etc.
Also a wonderful collection of Japanese Art Deco works can be seen at "Kagedo" Japanese art.
Until fairly recently, Japanese art produced in the Taisho era was not too highly regarded in the marketplace, compared with Edo or Mieji eraworks..